SHEER MAG announce Compilation LP, due 31st March on Static Shock Records

January 5, 2017


Announce ‘Compilation LP’
Due 31st March on Static Shock Records (UK/EU)

Listen to Fan The Flames & Nobody’s Baby

Already beloved in underground punk circles, Philadelphia’s SHEER MAG have announced their first 12″ vinyl release, ‘Compilation LP’ due 31st March on London’s Static Shock Records. The record features the band’s three 7-inch EP’s, released between 2014 and 2016.

All 12 songs were recorded onto the same vintage 8-track tape machine, as it was carted to various locations around Philadelphia. The first two were produced in a makeshift studio wedged between two bedrooms in the band’s former South Philly house. The third came out of a practice space in the Port Richmond neighborhood. Sequenced chronologically, the newly remastered songs reveal a young DIY band finding its sound. The compilation was mastered by Josh Bonati and all three EPs were mixed by Hunter Davidson.

It is the only record of recent times that manages to sound like a mix of a classic Seventies rock record, power pop and an obscure English DIY 7″ from the late 70’s. Everything sounds scrappy, fuzzy and scuzzy and it’s all the better for it. The riff packed guitar work and fuzzed female vocals sit perfectly together whilst the crude rhythms just adds bounce and basic beats. Think a mix of the power pop delight of Protex, the lo-fi nature of The Seize, the riffs of Thin Lizzy and the powerful vocal of Suzi Quatro. It shouldn’t work but it does. It really does!

Stay tuned for details on SHEER MAG’s debut full-length coming 2017.

Sheer Mag is Ian, Hart, Tina, Kyle, Matt.
They will be returning to the UK and Europe this summer.

“Sheer Mag’s music stuffs hip-shaking hooks and burly riffs within impeccably structured pop songs, wrapped in lyrics both open-hearted and openly political. They’re the Jackson 5 raised to play punk rock, with an F-5 tornado for a singer.” Pitchfork

“when Sheer Mag lock into the riffs and Halladay’s screech hits its stride, they’re a burst of Technicolor excitement.” The Guardian

“The arena rock show has long been dead; relevant guitar music today lives in clubs, bars and lofts. South Philadelphia’s Sheer Mag combines the best aspects of both worlds, injecting classic rock and pop tropes into their decidedly punk ethos.”Noisey

Fan The Flames –
Nobody’s Baby –

Read Noisey’s interview:


‘Compilation LP’ Tracklisting:

Side One:
What You Want
Sit And Cry
Point Breeze
Hard Lovin
Fan The Flames
Travelin On

Side Two:
Whose Side Are You On
Button Up
Can’t Stop Fighting
Worth The Tears
Night Isn’t Bright
Nobody’s Baby

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