January 21, 2017



Full band recordings with The Felice Brothers and drummer Jim Keltner; guests include Jim James, Gillian Welch, Blake Mills, Jonathan Wilson and more 

Video for ‘A Little Uncanny’ launches today 

European tour, including UK dates, begins this week

Conor Oberst will release a new album, Salutations, on Nonesuch Records on March 17.  The album is a companion piece to 2016’s laudedRuminations.  When Oberst wrote and recorded the songs on Ruminations, entirely solo – with just voice, piano, guitar and harmonica – he intended to ultimately record them with a full band.  In the midst of putting together that band – upstate New York’s The Felice Brothers plus the legendary drummerJim Keltner (Neil Young, Jackson Browne, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and many more) – the passionate responses Oberst was getting to those first solo recordings, from friends and colleagues, encouraged him to release the songs as-is, in their original sparse form, as his seventh solo album:Ruminations, which was released in October 2016.  Pitchfork called it ‘A record like none other in Oberst’s catalog, stunning for how utterly alone he sounds,’ and the Sunday Times called it, ‘The rawest album yet from the forever troubled one-time voice of a generation.  Political and very, very personal,’ saying Oberst is ‘One of the best songwriters around.’

Meanwhile, Oberst simultaneously moved ahead with his plans to record with the band, heading to the famed Shangri-la Studios in Malibu to recordSalutations – co-produced with Keltner and engineered by long-time musical compadre Andy LeMaster.  Guest contributions come courtesy of Jim James, Blake Mills, Maria Taylor, M Ward, Gillian Welch, Gus Seyffert, Pearl Charles, Nathaniel Walcott, and Jonathan Wilson.

Salutations includes full band versions of the ten songs from Ruminations, plus seven additional songs, some from an additional session at Five Star Studios in Echo Park in fall 2016.  Oberst, who is currently touring Europe (including London’s Palladium on February 1, plus Manchester’s Albert Hall and Edinburgh’s Queens Hall), will tour the US with The Felice Brothers as his backing band in celebration of Salutations beginning in March.  Oberst has partnered with Plus 1 so that $1 from every ticket sold will go to support Planned Parenthood and their work delivering vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people in the US and worldwide.  Further international tour dates will be announced soon.

A video for ‘A Little Uncanny’, directed by Josh Rawson (The Felice Brothers), may be viewed here.

Oberst says of the Salutations sessions: “Jim was really the captain of the ship and the spiritual leader of the project.  We leaned heavy on his fifty-plus years of musical insight to get us to where we needed to be.  He brought such depth and dignity to the proceedings that made everyone else involved rise to the occasion.  It was a true stroke of luck that he got involved when he did.”

1.      Too Late To Fixate

2.      Gossamer Thin

3.      Overdue

4.      Afterthought

5.      Next Of Kin

6.      Napalm

7.      Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)

8.      Till St. Dymphna’s Kicks Us Out

9.      Barbary Coast (Later)

10.    Tachycardia

11.    Empty Hotel By The Sea

12.    Anytime Soon

13.    Counting Sheep

14.    The Rain Follows The Plow

15.    You All Loved Him Once

16.    A Little Uncanny

17.    Salutations


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