The Obsessives Self-Release New EP A Great Menace Weighs Over The City

December 11, 2016

Jessica Flynn 

The Obsessives Self-Release New EP

A Great Menace Weighs Over The City

Sophomore LP Coming To Lame-O Records Spring 2017

The Obsessives have just signed to Lame-O Records! The band’s sophomore LP and follow up to Heck No, Nancy will be released on Lame-O Records in the Spring of 2017. In advance of the new album, The Obsessives have self-released their new EP A Great Menace Weighs Over The City, available now digitally for $2 on their Bandcamp, or as a free download with the purchase of anything on their webstore. Cassettes are also available for pre-order now on their webstore. A quote from singer/guitarist Nick Bairatchnyi can be found below.
“This spring we were wrapping up a 20 day stay at Big Mama’s Warehouse and during the mixing process, Jackson and I started writing these other short songs for fun mainly to kill time. We thought the simple vibe of the songs would sound cool on tape so we borrowed a 4-track and spent the last 5 or 6 days before we went to college making this.

Recording the EP ourselves was a cool experience because we had to learn how to use the tape machine efficiently as we recorded, and we didn’t have a lot of time to do it. We had a few songs that we wanted to record this way and we wanted to record and release them without having to go back into a studio before going to college so we just sort of dove in. We’ve been writing tons of new songs and this EP is kind of a lo-fi tease of what we’ve got in store.”

A Great Menace Weighs Over The City tracklist:
1. My City
2. Military Man
3. Big Hand (God Why)
4. Drug User
5. My Mood
6. Teacher is Mad
7. He’s Agitated
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