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Meltybrains?- Kiss Yourself EP Review | Gavin Brown

December 4, 2016

Meltybrains?- Kiss Yourself EP

Ireland’s Meltybrains? are an aptly named band, they make the kind of music that will warp the contents of your brain (in the best possible way of course) with their expansive and forward thinking music. Their brand of dreamlike electronic music with the kind of heart and soul that can sometimes be lacking in that type of music is both brave and inspiring and fans of James Blake, Burial and Boards Of Canada will find plenty to love here.

Kiss Yourself start as with the woozy slow motion ambience of Know My Name, a track that is bathed in autotune before the track switches up to embrace some deliciously barbed electronica with some pulsating synths at the heart of it before morphing back to the hazy style that it started with and the resulting fusion of styles feels like a dream listening to it, a cinematic stormer of a track that is the perfect way to introduce the EP.

The haunting Creola follows this blistering start and immediately feels more urgent than the laid back opener, a brooding rhythm proceeds to dominate the track and while the sound is different to the opening song, it shares the same cinematic feel especially as the track reaches its emotional crescendo with a mournful longing. A powerful song that shows different emotional layers to the band.

The masterful Step is the highlight of Kiss Yourself, a pretty much perfect electronic song encapsulated in three and a half minutes of pure emotion. Those slightly autotuned vocals are the centrepiece of the track and they work so well over an urgent and passionate soundscape with a throbbing electronic that sounds as triumphant as it does heartfelt. You could see this song soundtracking and enhancing a scene from a quirky, independent film and enhancing it just on the emotional feel of it alone and the song is a stunningly brilliant and beautiful piece of music that Meltybrains? should be thoroughly proud of.

The song that follows, Unwarranted Laughter is understated following the triumph of Step and is the darkest and heaviest piece of music on the EP with a riff that sounds like Stinkfist by Tool and sounds like a comedown after the emotional maelstorm of euphoria that was the preceding track. The expansive Oh Earth finishes things off in epic style with this track which is equal parts hazy and focussed and it is fitting that this is the final song on Kiss Yourself as the track has an air of finality to it and seems the best way to finish things off for sure.

Meltybrains? have created an EP here that will fill your head and your heart with all kinds of emotions and the cinematic quality that the band have nailed feels triumphant. Hopefully the new year will bring a full length album from the band and the promise that they show here is immense. A sublime collection of music and one that you can immerse yourself in time after time.






Words: Gavin Brown

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