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JIAL Releases New Music Video For ‘Life On Hold’ | Interview + Film Feature

December 14, 2016

Introducing JIAL.

In this world with music at your disposal, it’s hard to picture the artist behind what you’re hearing, it’s difficult to picture their progress as a musician and the work and creativity going into that release. When a record stands out leagues above others, one that plays havoc with your emotions, one that you need to hear more of again and again, that release makes its so worthwhile having found that artist. It’s refreshing to see a talent consistently deliver in whatever outlet they commit themselves to- this is JIAL.

JIAL is the project of Herefordshire based multi-instrumentalist and producer Joshua Lamdin. A musician and a friend of Circuit Sweet; an artist we’ve been able to sit back and watch as his skills develop over the years. The man that wasn’t a drummer, who then sat behind a kit for Aulos and became their drummer, a man who worked hard at finding a style with his guitar, a man who worked relentlessly at creating, recording and producing his own debut album. Every year Josh has developed his writing techniques, his understanding of playing and composing, his ability to record and produce. Each project Josh commits himself to relishes’. From drumming in Aulos, to sessioning as drummer in The Anomalies, to playing guitar for Last Tree Squad, to sitting down and writing his astonishing 2015 debut under the moniker as Temple Complex and now JIAL.

Having released his first track as JIAL earlier this year, JIAL has now unveiled a brand new film to coincide with the release. “Life on Hold” is a multifarious amalgamation of styles and genres that perfectly captures Josh’s intelligence and passion. Whilst it is predominantly an electronic record, “Life On Hold” courageously flirts with the avant-garde, using experimental rhythms and atmospherics. The result is a compelling, dramatic and obsessive release. One that leaves us needing to hear more.

Having teamed up with the vision and talent of film creators IVO & RAJ, we are delighted to show you their efforts. Check out the film for JIAL‘s track Life On Hold below, the film itself is as addictive as the composition is, both reflect well, you’ll need to hit replay.

JIAL | Life on Hold from IVO & RAJ on Vimeo.

To coincide with this incredible visual release we spent a few moments chatting to JIAL to find out more about how the film came about and what we can look forward to in the future of this producer.

You’re no stranger to Circuit Sweet with your efforts in Aulos, Temple Complex, The Anomalies and now your work with Jial, we’ve spent plenty of time discussing you in the past but now we’ve heard ‘Life On Hold’ we need to know more on your new direction.

Tell us about your tracks you’ve already created

So life on hold is currently the only thing I have out right now. It was inspired by a year and a bit sat with a knee injury unable to do very much and something not so favourable someone said to me a while ago. In terms of what I’m working on, there are several more songs with a few different collaborators on vocals that are near completion. Also did a remix of a friends song from a new solo record he put out this summer, it should be featured on a remix EP of said record. Can’t say much more than that but hopefully next year will be busy.

Enlighten us on both your writing and recording process.

Usually starts with an idea or a feel in mind for an instrumental. Writing is still pretty new to me so ideas come from anywhere, chords, bass, melody, a groove, whatever really Im still experimenting with it. Might be something I come up with while practicing or just rolls into my head while walking or waiting. The recording process is where I find out if it works or not. Arrange parts, usually drums come in to the process pretty early if not first. Record and write as I go, worry about the mix (mostly) once the song is complete. I track and produce everything down to the final mix in my home studio/little sisters bedroom.

How did your involvement with Ivo Garland come about for your new video?

The tune itself was released in June and not long after Ivo sent me a message saying he had enjoyed the song we got to chatting and he said him and Raj would be keen to make a film. Ivo was at the same high school which is were we knew each other from originally but I didn’t know him very well then so it was a real cool surprise to be collaborating on a project almost ten years later. I didn’t know he even did film until I saw Mount Pleasant, a short film him and Raj made. I think I saw it last year? Real good check it out.
Did you have much input into the film?
Haha I don’t think so, possibly? We had several long conversations about things we were into musically and visually, between that and seeing some of their previous work it seemed a good idea to let Ivo and Raj just run with it. They seemed keen to be creative and there was no way I could afford the time and expense of making a video. It was exciting to let the project mould into something further and involve other creators. The idea was explained to me but at first I didnt understand, it sounded cool though. About mid September I got another message saying they were shooting the final scenes and asked if I wanted to come down and be in it and that was it! Its been a real pleasure working with these guys they get shit done.
Is this your first music video for any of your projects?
Actually no, last year I put out a video for song from a record I released under the moniker Temple Complex. That was made by mainly my sister whose quickly becoming an assassin on the art. It was much more DIY and really an experiment to see if we could do it. Its been cool to take the lessons from that on to something more professional where you’re communicating with a director.
What else can we look forward to from yourself?

More music definitely. When, Im honestly not sure but outside of this project Aulos is back to the rehearsal room and I’m now playing guitar for Hereford based UK Hip Hop/ Reggae outfit Last Tree Squad as of July. Things are slowly getting busy over there but other than hopefully some more surprise collaborations and the rest we will see I guess.

Any last words
Thanks to you guys at Circuit Sweet once again, the service you do for music especially in from this part of the UK is invaluable. Thanks to Ivo n Raj for taking the project on and further than I could’ve imagined, and thanks to the rest of the cast and crew involved, unfortunately I didn’t get to meet everyone but they all did an amazing job. Finally a thank you to everyone who checked this out any and all support is always appreciated


A huge thank you Josh- we can’t wait for what comes next.

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