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Despereaux – The Fighter Single Review | Simon Gore

December 7, 2016

Ivar Østby Simonsen

Despereaux – The Fighter

Single review by Simon Gore

Scandi-hardcore quartet, Despereaux, dropped the first sign of life from their completed, 2nd EP earlier this autumn – an impacting mammoth of a track titled Hugging the Cactus, clocking in at only 2:23. The follow-up, new single, The Fighter is a 5:27, elaborate and intricate response, aptly titled as it beats the shit out of you with dominating grace and elegance.

With interesting structuring and intricate layering, this meticulously crafted track is an absolute anthem. Despite retaining the bands distinguishable sound, musical references are not inherently obvious. At times the track bares subtly but possibly unintentional hints towards Vaya era At The Drive-In and early The Fall of Troy with a broader similarity to Tromsø’s Kamikaze a Go Go. However, imitation is definitely not an issue. Despite its possible tip-of-the-hat to noughties Americana it boasts an admirable originality with a true Norwegian sound, attitude and attention to detail.

Emil’s vocals are varied and fantastic throughout with sharp production and live instrumentation to match. This is nothing short of what you would expect from the most innovative Scandi-Hardcore band on the circuit.

You are left dazed after the somewhat romantic assault and in true Fight Club fashion, you only want to go back for more. Releasing these 2 glorious beasts as a taster to the forth-coming EP is a brave move as it leaves a lot of expectancy for the band to follow. But something tells me the quality might just reign throughout the new EP. Release date TBC.




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