The Antlers’ PETER SILBERMAN shares ‘Slips Away’- plus two London live dates in December

November 8, 2016


of The Antlers

Shares ‘Slips Away

Plus two London live dates in December

Acclaimed musician Peter Silberman, best known as a member of The Antlers, has released an intimate and stirring new track called “Slips Away”. He will be performing a series of live dates, including London’s Forge on 7th and 8th December.

Silberman says of the song;
“Alan Watts wrote, “The greater part of human activity is designed to make permanent those experiences and joys which are only lovable because they are changing.”

Like nearly everyone I know, I contend with this daily – to accept the transitory and experience shifting tectonic plates as passing clouds. I’ve dedicated much of the last few years’ creative effort to embracing this unflinching force of nature. Change is a heartbeat, evidencing life.

And so Slips Away is my preliminary meditation on this idea. The piece was written and recorded earlier this fall, largely in a secluded cabin upstate, surrounded by talkative crickets and tall old trees losing leaves.

I now recognize a bit of a paradox in attempting to capture transience in song, freezing a passing moment in space and time, preserving impermanence… so the best I can reconcile this is to think of Slips Away as a most basic reminder.”



Relax your grip, You can’t predict Let go your clutch,
That’s much too much

release your hold. what might unfold. unclasp your hand. to understand,

that all you have,
that all you own,
that all you need,
that all you know,
that all you learn,
that all you loathe,
that all you love,
that you behold

slips away…
Live dates:

Wednesday 7th December – The Forge, Camden (tickets)
Thursday 8th December – The Forge, Camden (tickets)

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