Stove Share “Blank” via Brooklyn Vegan + Announce “Is The Meat That Fell Out” EP and December Tour Dates

November 27, 2016


Stove Announce “Is The Meat That Fell Out” EP

Due Out December 9th via Exploding In Sound Records

December Tour Dates with Sun Young

Share “Blank” Video via Brooklyn Vegan

Stove have returned. It’s been less than four months since the surprise release of Is A Toad In The Rain, and the band are excited to share Is The Meat That Fell Out, a new companion EP of home recordings that capture the band’s lo-fi pop side. The past year has found the band ever prolific, constantly writing and recording, and Is The Meat That Fell Out is a continuation of the band experimenting with new textures, programmed beats, and varied songwriting. With Stove set to recording their sophomore album in January of 2017, their latest EP veers from their debut with a fuzzier lo-fi vibe, recorded in Alex Molini’shome with softer melodies, layered guitars, synths, and warm harmonies.

Stove’s new video and single “Blank” is a track written exclusively by Stove’s rhythm section Jordyn Blakely and Alex Molini. Stove began as a solo project of Steve Hartlett(Ovlov), but the band has blossomed into a cohesive quartet with each member bringing new ideas to the table. While Blakely is best known as Stove’s drummer, “Blank” finds her on vocals and guitar. Much like the video for “Graduate and Congratulate,” the “Blank” video is almost a mirror image with Jordyn as the focus as opposed to Steve. It’s a goofy video with a few hilarious moments for a song that’s equally compelling. Brooklyn Veganshared, “She’s got a nice voice and the song is a cool way to shake up Stove’s usual approach.”

Both of the band’s “secret” EPs, Is A Toad In The Rain and Is The Meat That Fell Out will be released on December 9th as part of a cassette collection dubbed Greatest Hits.


12/08 – Boston, MA @ Deep Thoughts w/ Primal Feelings & Mothers Day *
12/09 – Worcester, MA @ The Firehouse w/ Uh-huh & Kiss Concert *
12/10 – Western MA *
12/11 – New Paltz, NY @ House Show w/ Stringer, Vanity Jones, Slurms Mckenzie *
12/12 – New Brunswick, NJ @ In the West w/ Wetwired *
12/13 – Washington, DC @ The Lily Trotter Tea Lounge w/ Go Cozy *
12/14 – Baltimore, MD *
12/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits w/ Clique & Ursula *
12/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville w/ Horse Jumper of Love, Poster & Ian Sweet (solo) *

* w/ Sun Young


Stove are back with their second new “surprise” EP of the year, a new music video, and upcoming tour dates for December. Since the release of last year’s Is Stupider, an album recorded solo by Steve Hartlett, the band has expanded to include full time members Jordyn Blakely, Alex Molini, and Mike “Boner” Hammond. While working on their upcoming sophomore album, the band sat down to record another set of songs in Molini’s home bedroom studio, further elaborating on the lo-fi fuzz pop of Is A Toad In The Rain.

Is The Meat That Fell Out travels a similar path to Is A Toad In The Rain, showing a different side of Stove, with lo-fi bedroom pop influences and a gentler disposition that recalls classic songwriters of decades past. With over fifty new songs written for the band’s upcoming sophomore full length, the band were eager to share new material and thus the pair of EPs was born. The quartet are once again joined by friends Devin McKnight (Speedy Ortiz, Grass Is Green), Tim Cheney (IAN SWEET), and Damien Scalise (IAN SWEET, Sun Young). Stove is an ever evolving and unpredictable project, and Is The Meat That Fell Out further blurs any preconceived notion of the band’s direction.

Is The Meat That Fell Out

December 9th
Exploding In Sound Records

1. The Meat
2. Bubblegum Lightning
3. Blank
4. Favorite Owl
5. Dolphins
6. I’d Walk A Mile For A Camel
7. James And The Giant Moth

Stove links:
Exploding In Sound Records

“His first album as Stove boils slacker-rock riffs that could have come from an old Pixies or Dinosaur Jr. record into a pummeling Gen-X storm, with waves of distortion pounding the singer until it sounds like he might break” – Rolling Stone

“The songs bask in reverb-caked riffs, but there’s a subtlety present.” – AV Club

Is Stupider, which quickly became one of my favorites of last year, is a storming, severely rock & roll debut” – The Fader

“Coiled guitar-driven reflection… Hartlett’s wry lyricism is crystalline.”  – Stereogum

Is Stupider‘s rough touch of weighty guitar riffing is complemented by the lightness of Hartlett’s candid depictions of charming cynicism offered by his vocals and lyrics.” – SPIN

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