LUST FOR YOUTH share new video ‘Tokyo’- Album ‘Compassion’ out now via Sacred Bones Records. 

October 16, 2016




“With Lust For Youth’s latest album, the trio from Copenhagen has firmly positioned themselves at the top of the pile. The melodies are so cheerful, so simple and memorable, the require absolutely no effort to enjoy” – The Quietus
“This album is an aphex that has been reached through years of groundwork” (8/10) – Crack 
“What all good albums have in common is that you can get lost in them – they can take you from reality and transport you to a fantasy. And that’s exactly what Compassion does” – The Line of Best Fit 
“The band’s sparkling synth pop goes that little bit deeper, with an artful flourish sitting alongside those gorgeous melodies” – Clash
“Billowing synths, ominous breakdowns and mournful vocals” – MOJO

With their new album ‘Compassion’ out now via Sacred Bones, Copenhagen trio Lust For Youth are sharing their new video ‘Tokyo‘, from the record.

Appropriately filmed in song title’s location, the band got the footage for their ‘Tokyo‘ from a group of residents who filmed themselves across their hometown. It shows the rural and vibrant life of growing up in Japan – the clubs, the gigs, the bright lights and late nights, complete with some excellent Lust For Youth t-shirts.

Lust For Youth are a three piece from Copenhagen made up of Hannes Norrvide, Malthe Fischer & Loke Rahbek. Following 2014’s acclaimed album, International, the trio released their most recent albumCompassion earlier this year.

Compassion restates beauty for a time of crisis and clickbait. Judgement, design, form, and opinion: to what end will we refine our world if we can’t also make an anthem of our lives? This is the tender conspiracy: I’m on twitter; I have an anthem. Do we have an anthem? We have lust. Let’s meet IRL.

Lust For Youth are affectionately vicious, and vulnerably sharp. They are the anticipation of the comedown as you come up on the best you’ve ever been offered from a bathroom stall. This is the spectrum: a low you know, and a dizzy new height.

Hearts blind lights and finance desire. Is it the fate of the cunning to look good, or is it just cunning to look this good? Compassion is dexterity: we all look this good. An impulse is an appetite, and you’re entitled to everything. Multitask collapse and revolution because you’re a beautiful mess.

Compassion is deliverance.
Anticipate compassion.

(Written by Patrick Quick)

‘Compassion’ track list: 

  1. Stardom (stream)
  2. Limerence
  3. Easy Window
  4. Sudden Ambitions (video) (stream)
  5. Better Looking Brother (stream)
  6. Display (stream)
  7. Tokyo
  8. In Return

Lust For Youth Sacred Bones page

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