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Genuflex – S/T Album Review | Simon Gore

October 14, 2016


Genuflex – S/T Album Review

‘Impacting’ is an expression often over used and imprecise; a modern variant of a once valid pledge corrupted by the persuasion of media and adopted by liars. However, beyond the mist of post humanism, a sonic formation has arisen. Self-titled debut album Genuflex is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Finn Vine.

Although this project is innovative, original and a forward step into fresh territories for Vine, his distinctive, artistic flair that coloured his previous collaborations is evident still, displaying a primitive, creative honesty rather than some crisis attempt at absolute, artistic reinvention. This is quite clearly a catalogue of work that has been meticulously moulded; trimmed and refined over a lengthily period, yet it somehow embodies the intrinsic qualities of a passionate improvisation.

Opening track, Alive and Seen is a melancholic masterpiece of passion and ambiguity followed by a skilful and tasteful reworking of dark, industrial ballad, Bludevotion. Vine’s cryptic vocals fight against the delayed electro snare for the tracks focal point providing an even more haunting and confrontational experience than the 2010 original.

Each track following is individual, characterful and innately charming. There is a noticeable variation of musical content entwined together by an ardent thread of masterful song writing and emotive expression.

Rather than another lowbrow, throwback imitation, this album boasts solid, contemporary production whilst retaining an anachronistically referential quality – a tip-of-the-hat towards Depeche Mode with eerie hints of Popol Vuh and Kluster. Alongside compositional similarities to Jeff Buckley, the guitar performances throughout hinge stylistically between Arto Lindsay and Oliver Ackermann whilst the electronics remain permanently dark, aggressive and subtly dominating.

Released on Dave Sitek’s label, Federal Prism, Genuflex is an icy unity of nostalgia and prospect – an exclusive territory honourably occupied only by Vines’ previous endeavours. Truly impacting.



Words: Simon Gore

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