CROCODILES share new track “Not Even in Your Dreams”. UK tour starts next week. Album ‘Dreamless’ out Oct 21st!

October 6, 2016




With their forthcoming album, Dreamless, set for release on October 21st and a UK tour set to start next week, CROCODILES have shared a new track.

“Not Even In Your Dreams” is a deceptively bouncy track about insomnia and anxiety. It’s the closing track on Dreamless, surmising an album of heartbreak & catharsis coated in a crackle-glaze of sunshine & mirth. This is proof that, even in the hard times, Crocodiles never forget to embrace a joyous guitar hook.

Comprised of best friends Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, Crocodiles have earned their place as one of the United States’ most engaging, hardworking and consistent rock and roll bands of recent years. Dreamless is the pair’s sixth LP, and is, at once, their most exploratory and focused release.

Whereas Crocodiles’ first two albums made their home amongst a stew of fuzzed-out psychedelia, and the following three albums explored Welchez and Rowell’s penchant for placing pop sensibilities against whirring guitars and barbed production, Dreamless sees the duo endeavouring on an artistic departure that positions their guitars in the backseat in favor of a more spacious, synthesiser and piano driven sound.

“We’ve always been a guitar band and I think we just wanted to challenge ourselves and our aesthetic,”says Welchez. “It didn’t start as a conscious decision but within the first week Charlie’s mantra became ‘fuck guitars’. Only one song has zero guitar but in general we tried to find alternatives to fill that space.”

The title of the album works on both a literal and metaphorical level: “I suffered insomnia throughout the whole session. I was literally dreamless,” explains Welchez. “The past two years had been fraught with difficulty for us – relationship troubles, career woes, financial catastrophe, health issues,” he continues. “In that pessimistic mindset it was easy to feel as if the dream was over.” 

The pair recorded the 10-track Dreamless in Mexico City over the course of 6 weeks. Having become something of a spiritual (and in the case of Welchez, literal) home to the duo, choosing D.F. as the location for recording allowed them to again hook-up with friend and occasional bandmate Martin Thulin (also a member of post punks Exploded View). Between them, the trio shared instrument duties, with Welchez and Rowell handling the lion’s share of guitar and bass, Thulin and Welchez the live drum work, and Thulin focusing largely on keys.

And you’ll burn and weep and suffer,” says the chilling spoken-word sample that opens Dreamless. “The sample is from a Christian preacher that we found over 15 years ago and used on the first 7” we ever did together when we were still teenagers” explains Brandon Welchez.  “Back then we used it with a sense of humor, laughing at the whole ridiculous guilt trip vibe. But hearing it again in our apartment in Mexico City, within the context of the words we were singing, it took on a different air. It lost the humorous aspect and just seemed like a commentary on life.” 

An unsettling insight certainly, but if Crocodiles did indeed have to burn, weep and suffer in order to write and record Dreamless, then it was damn well worth it.

Dreamless is available for pre-order at:

Crocodiles live dates:

06 Freak Out, Bologna IT
07 Le Volume, Nice FR (Tickets)
08 Le Baraka, Clermont Ferrand FR (Tickets)
09 Mecanique-ondulatoire, Paris FR (Tickets)
11 Headrow House, Leeds UK (Tickets)
13 Broadcast, Glasgow UK (Tickets)
14 Night and Day Cafe, Manchester UK (Tickets
15 Hackney Wonderland, London UK (Tickets)
17 Bitterzoet, Amsterdam NL (Tickets)
19 Chelsea, Vienna AT (Tickets)
22 Gozsdu Manó Klub, Budapest HU (Tickets)

Dreamless track list:
01. Telepathic Lover (video | soundcloud)
02. Maximum Penetration
03. Welcome To Hell
04. I’m Sick
05. Go Now
06. Alita
07. Jumping On Angels
08. Time To Kill
09. Jailbird
10. Not Even In Your Dreams (Soundcloud)

Crocodiles on:
Dreamless pre-order link

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