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God Damn- Everything Ever Album Review | Gavin Brown

September 16, 2016


God Damn

Everything Ever

Following up an extremely well received debut album can be a difficult task for some bands, God Damn however are not one of these bands and follow up last years debut album Vultures with the even bigger sounding Everything Ever with consummate ease and it is pleasing to hear just how assured the duo of vocalist/guitarist Thom Edward and drummer Ash Weaver have become in such a short space of time.
From the opening notes of the aptly titled Sing This (which has to be the catchiest song the band have ever done) and onwards, the band show without doubt that they have a huge talent for memorable hooks, big songs and massive riffs.

As with Vultures, the sound on Everything Ever is upbeat and grungey but with even stronger pop sensibilities this time around that will have the songs stuck in your head without you even realising it.
Following on from such a strong opening gambit in Sing This, God Damn don’t let up for a single second with the rolling groove of Ghost, the furious Again Again and the punked up fuzz of Fake Prisons as energetic as the strong opener.

The melancholic I’ll Bury You marks a slight change of pace for the duo but is still as catchy but with a heavier edge to it as is the Alice in Chains-esque grunge stomp of Failure and the caustic anger of It Bites.
Oh No is a 90s indebted track that reminded me of a heavier and more angsty version of Weezer and is followed magnificently by another stomp of a track in the hypnotic Six Wires and the swirling and riffy Dead To Me. The dirge of Violence is possibly the best track on such a strong album with vocalist Edwards snarling voice taking command from the start over an epic groove.

Everything Ever concludes with the glorious and hazy heaviness of Let’s Speak where God Damn come over like a born again Kyuss, if they had come from Wolverhampton and not Palm Desert and the album concludes in the best way with the epic  and triumphant Easily Misled.

There is a still a strong Nirvana (especially on Fake Prisons where Edward howls like a born again Kurt Cobain), Jesus Lizard and Queens Of The Stone Age influence on God Damn but the band have their own take on things and the songs just sound huge on this album with an energy that is rare to capture on record.

God Damn are a band that are definitely going places and are only getting stronger as a band and Everything Ever marks a step up for them and will see the duo reach even greater heights. With a tour with Red Fang and Torche (a bill that God Damn fit perfectly in) upcoming, miss them at your peril as theses songs will sound massive live, in the meantime indulge in the greatness of Everything Ever, a brilliant album with such memorable songs and riffs.


Pre-order Everything Ever due September 23rd via here: https://oli.lnk.to/EverythingEver



Words: Gavin Brown

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