BE announce new single, Blue Lullaby, released 19th September via Rivertones, plus Nottingham and Kew Gardens performances

September 20, 2016



Announce new single, Blue Lullaby:

Released digitally on 19th September via Rivertones

The band BE was formed as a collaboration between artist Wolfgang Buttress, musicians-Tony Foster, Kev Bales, Deirdre Bencsik, Camille Christel and 40,000 honey bees. Collectively they created a soundscape for the multi award winning sculpture called The Hive that is now sited at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. The soundscape was released as One to much critical acclaim on Caught By The River’s innovative record labelRivertones.

The new single ‘Blue Lullaby’ incorporates previously unheard vibrational signals from the European honey bee derived from ground breaking research into how bees communicate from their fellow collaborator Dr Martin Bencsik. The haunting signals you can hear within the track are believed to be female worker bees ‘talking’ to the unborn larvae to guide them in their future roles within the beehive.

The musical sound piece this time takes the listener on a reflective journey making connections to the the changing seasons of life and man’s relationship with nature.  The music is both melancholic and uplifting. The honey bee is in crisis; we as man are responsible for this but hope is suggested; the sounds and communications of bee and man are harmoniously integrated in the record.

It is a seasonal song which evokes a communal atmosphere; like the honey bee we come together and move inside to survive the Winter.  The sixteenth century Coventry Carol is referenced both musically and lyrically which suggests that we are connected to the past, future as well as the now. The single is available here:



BE will be playing live inside The Hive at Kew Gardens, London on 28th and 29th September

and St Mary’s Church, Nottingham on 16th and 17th December with St. Mary’s Choir


BE have played a series of acclaimed performances at various festivals includingGlastonbury, Blue Dot, Caught By The River Thames and End Of the Road.

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