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Introducing Jake Davis

August 21, 2016


Introducing Jake Davis


Multi–instrumentalist, Jake Davis transcends indie electro artistry with his ability to combine energetic electro pop with organic lyricism and soaring melodies. Since a young age, Davis embraced the hardworking creative nature of his Los Angeles surroundings by perfecting his craft in vocals, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin and ukulele. Continuing his musical skill, Davis produced many local bands during his time at UCLA; describing himself as ‘very technical’ he records, produces, edits and colors his own tracks and videos from his self-made home studio.

In the summer of 2015 Davis formed a band with friends Jordan Meltzer (guitar), James Harmon (bass), Eddy Barco (drums); enabling him to reach a new overwhelmingly energetic performance. He explains “I think what stands out is the writing, the hooks and the lyrics. That’s what get people to the shows. But once they’re there none of that matters, it’s all about the energy.”

The new EP entitled “The Valley” co-produced by electronic sampling master ‘Dekku’, busts with dynamism from the opening single ‘Saying it Right’. The track is a true example of Davis’s work, perfectly combining catchy melodies and deep synth undertones with a subtly profound contradictory meaning. ‘Saying it Right’ is inspired by the vicious cycle of insecurity we may feel when connecting our thoughts to our words. This is intelligently shown through the simplicity of a one note melody, reflecting the primal feeling of confusion enhanced with it’s questioning lyrics.

The second single on the EP, ‘So Le Me Go’ is quirky with an initial indie guitar melody that continues to surprise with wiry hooks that later transform into a drum heavy riff. ‘So Le Me Go’ is the perfect pop summer anthem. Davis urges fans to listen to the EP with ‘a big fat stereo by the pool, as loud as possible’ to envelop you in the ‘feel good’ sound.”

With a successful release of his cover of Hozier’s ‘Work Song’ on CandyRat Records, Davis began to attract attention globally. He and the band then spent a year perfecting their on stage presence and in March 2016 landed their first residency at popular Los Angeles venue The Satellite, filling the venue each week with avid fans feasting off their undeniable energy and electric atmosphere. Although a new project, the band have been named Santa Monica’s Emerging Artist and are due to play for 30,000+ at the Twilight Concert Series.


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