The Channels (ex-Guerilla Toss) Premiere “The Same Thing” with SPIN + Announce “Disposable Camera” EP for Designer Medium Records

July 18, 2016


The Channels Announce “Disposable Camera” EP

Due Out August 19th via Designer Medium Records

Share “The Same Thing” with SPIN

The Channels have emerged once again from Boston’s most experimental underground basement scene to release Disposable Camera, a new EP and the follow up to their much beloved Lo Fruit. Due out August 19th via Nashville’s Designer Medium Records (Free Pizza, Watcher, The Craters), the band sharing “The Same Thing” today via SPIN, a song that is anything but the same ol’ thing. A lot has changed in the two years since their debut. Freakier punk and post-punk experimentalists like their peers in Guerilla Toss, Palm, Yvette, and Horse Lords have invaded the indie scene, developing a strong presence for intelligent noise and dissolving genre restrictions. The time for the return of The Channels feels right.

Lead single “The Same Thing” opens with Wes Kaplan’s spoken word statement, “We’ve been trying to do the same thing” over a cacophonous clattering of skronky punk abandonment and it’s immediately clear that “The Same Thing” is a tongue in cheek statement. The demented carnival like quality of the song revolves around a rickety groove and loose hinged melody. It’s chaotic and engaging, ripping with blistering squeals of noise and thoroughly focused rhythms that jerk heavily in all directions. As the band blend elements of no wave, noise rock, and post-punk together into a swampy mess, they carve their own path of splattered brilliance.

SPIN shared:

“Even in the niche of no wave and post-punk — from which The Channels supposedly draw their influence — it’s hard to find songs that mimic the same chaotic-but-refined whimsy that this track exudes. Like professional collagists, the Channels cut, paste, and loop discordant sounds: a gurgling didgeridoo, a descending laser shot, and a miscellaneous percussion of indiscernible sort. But unexpectedly, the song’s elements somehow cooperate quite swimmingly. While “The Same Thing” is undoubtedly weird, it’s not experimental so much as it’s… well, catchy, in the same way the theme song of a dystopian merry-go-round may get stuck in your head after you’ve ridden a few too many times. Charged and hypnotizing, this is a song guaranteed to stick with you to some degree.”


08/05 ‒ Jamaica Plain, MA @ Deep Thoughts w/ Dog & Pucker Up


Hailing from the same Boston, MA scene that harbored acts such as Skimask, (New England) Patriots, and Guerrilla Toss, The Channels bring forth a caterwauling ruckus of refined noise guitar, feedback ridden bass grooves and bizarro drum repetitions. The trio ofNick Baker, Wes Kaplan (The Craters), and Ian Kovac (ex-Guerilla Toss) are deeply influenced by the 80’s post-no-wave scene of New York, guiding The Channels take on minimalist ideas while creating songs that are equal parts introspective and refreshing. With their new album “Disposable Camera,” The Channels display just as much of an interest in deconstructing punk as they do reconstructing noise rock.

“Disposable Camera”
Designer Medium Records
August 19, 2016

1. Pill
2. Symptom Vintage
3. I Saw Myself Flat
4. Happens Every Time
5. Wade
6. The Same Thing

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Designer Medium Records

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