Soft Fangs Explore “The Wilderness” In New Video via GoldFlakePaint

July 10, 2016
Jonah Rosenberg

Jonah Rosenberg


Soft Fangs Share “The Wilderness” Video via GoldFlakePaint

“The Light” Out Now on Disposable America and Exploding In Sound Records

Brooklyn-via Boston singer/songwriter Soft Fangs released his new album The Light back in March via Exploding In Sound (cassette) and Disposable America Records (vinyl + digital) and now he’s returned with a new video for “The Wilderness”. One of the many highlights from John Lutkevich’s full-length debut, recorded in the attic of his childhood home in the suburbs of Massachusetts, GoldFlakePaint are sharing the video’s premiere.

Speaking about the video, GoldFlakePaint shared, “…a remarkably sobering listen, the kind of weary but heartfelt document that tends to stay with you as some kind of afterthought, like memories displaced perhaps or aimless stretches of time with nothing tangible to hold on to. Released today, the new video for ‘The Wilderness‘ takes this idea as its base and expands in a variety of captivating ways.”

Lutkevich expanded on the video’s concept:

“The video (which was shot in Owl’s Head, Maine) is based around aimlessness. When you’re a kid, you conjure up all sorts of imaginary things, purely because you’ve got nothing better to do. From aimlessness, something is created. I wanted to explore that, so we went to the beach with nothing planned & I dressed like a figment of my imagination. At the end of the day, we had a music video, and that seemed purposeful enough.”


07/15 – Allston, MA @ TBA (ask a punk) w/ Saccharine, Community College & more

Raised in the outskirts of Massachusetts, now living in Brooklyn, Soft Fangs is the latest musical outlet of John Lutkevich.  His songwriting, which has been compared to the likes of Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, Radiohead and Nick Drake, combines introspective and poetic lyricism with fragile guitar and haunting melodies.

His debut LP The Light, which was recorded in his childhood home, expands and refines many of the themes found on his first EP (Soft Fangs, 2014). Musings about death, life, nature and all the little things people forget are expressed through warbling keyboards, acoustic guitar, crashing drums and whispered vocals.”

The Light
Disposable America + Exploding In Sound Records

Out Now

1. Dragon Soap
2. The Air
3. Golden
4. Birthday
5. Gone Fishing
6. Back of a Horse
7. The Wilderness (Video)
8. Get a Job
9. Haunts
10. Too Many Stars (not enough sky)
11. The Light

Soft Fangs Links:
Official Website
Disposable America Records
Exploding In Sound Records

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