Sharks’ Teeth Premiere “She Teaches Art” Single, An “Exuberant Electronic Banger” via IMPOSE Magazine

July 30, 2016


Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis

Sharks’ Teeth Share “She Teaches Art” via IMPOSE Magazine

It Transfers & Grows Out September 2nd via Gigantic Noise (LP) and Community Records (CS)

“impeccably orchestrated moments of electric bliss that harken back to the finest pop of New Wave acts such as Duran Duran, the Psychedelic Furs, or Depeche Mode while still managing to sound fresh thanks to the band’s underlying indie and post-punk sensibilities”
New Orleans’ synth-wave extraordinaries Sharks’ Teeth like to describe their sound as “Christmas in space,” a strange but fitting genre tag for a band comprised of four synth players and their organic mutant pop. They make electronic music that’s equal parts club bangers and introspective indie, drawing influence from artists like Kate Bush and Sufjan Stevens. IMPOSE Magazine are sharing the band’s new single “She Teaches Art” today, the second song to be taken from It Transfers & Grows, the highly anticipated upcoming record. Due out September 2nd on Gigantic Noise (vinyl) and Community Records(cassette), It Transfers & Grows is the part of a long prolific line of Sharks’ Teeth albums and yet it feels like a fresh start with the Tyler Scurlock led band creating a cohesive unit of shape shifting collage pop beauty.

IMPOSE shared, “an exuberant digital creation that propels itself along with such joyful force, it can’t help but elicit feet to start moving and heads to start bobbing. While the crystalline synths and crashing metallic percussion would sound at home both on some sweaty, summer dance floor or as the fully realized soundtrack to a classic 8-bit side scroller, the lyrics themselves are an intimate look at the human condition and social interaction.”

It Transfers & Grows was recorded using nothing but a room full of synthesizers and a keen sense for arranging rhythms from samples of just about anything. You will hear all kinds of sounds that these machines are able to produce, but the songs are formatted in a familiar pop style, hopefully grounding all the other worldly textures. Up until this record, the past 16 albums, EPs, and various recordings (there’s over 60 releases on their Bandcamp) were put together primarily by Tyler Scurlock, but over the past two years Sharks’ Teeth has grown to include the help of Devin Hildebrand, Emily Hafner & Shelby Grosz. What started as Scurlock drafting songs and suggesting parts for each member to play live, quickly became a collaborative process in which each member developed there original contributions, eventually leading to this album, the first to be recorded as Sharks’ Teeth: the band.


09/02 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa w/ Pope & Sexy Dex & The Fresh (Album Release Show)


Taking many shapes over the last 7 years and 16+ albums, Sharks’ Teeth has settled into a comfortable 4 member/7 synthesizer arrangement as they prepare to release their forthcoming 17th full length album and first ever vinyl release, It Transfers & Grows.

Recording the tracks for It Transfers & Grows in the comfort of their home studio in New Orleans, each sound either comes directly from organic samples of the real world or from the array of electronic equipment Sharks’ Teeth’s members have amassed over their short but obsessive collecting careers. All this to say as a disclaimer of sorts that though things in this world may seem too perfect or too right to be real, you can rest assured that no part of this record comes from the A.I. of modern music production software or the mind of a machine, just some hands on some synths twisting and turning the knobs into space.

Attempting to provide a suitable genre description for It Transfers & Grows leads to using ambiguous terms such as electronica or synth-wave, though Sharks’ Teeth simply describes it as, Christmas in Space. When the words “electronic music” can mean so many things, think more Duran Duran and less Deadmau5, more New Order and less new drugs at an EDM festival.

It Transfer & Grows is available September 2nd on 12” vinyl via Gigantic Noise and cassette via Community Records.

“It Transfers & Grows”
Gigantic Noise / Community Records
September 2, 2016

Pre-Order on LP and CS

01. “Don’t Touch My Feet”
02. “Warm Legs”
03. “Karma Decay”
04. “It’s Bad For You”
05. “Lost in the Cosmos”
06. “EXP”
07. “Melting Belief”
08. “She Teaches Art”
09. “Electric Lucifer”
10. “Life Transformation”

Sharks’ Teeth Links:
Gigantic Noise
Community Records

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