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Introducing… GANGS!

July 4, 2016


Introducing… GANGS!


“Pounding, stomping, gritty rock ‘n’ roll….”– Tenement TV

For fans of… Slaves, Royal Blood, The Stooges, The Amazing Snakeheads
Rock & roll four-piece, GANGS, have had a quick rise to prominence in their hometown. Born out of the dregs at the bottom of a double Jack and Coke, the band came together in the shadowy underbelly of Glasgow during its cold winter months. Now they are ready to unleash their pounding sound upon the rest of the world with the release of single, Theives, due for release on 22nd July via Smooth Action Records.

The stream of Thieves was unveiled exclusively on Tenement TV on 30th June with the site exclaiming that “the scope of GANGS really does seem limitless”. It’s easy to see why with this rasping, snarling single showcasing the band’s undoubted promise beautifully. Stream Thieves now from the GANGS Soundcloud page.

Combining elements of American garage rock and psychedelic rock made famous by the likes of The Stooges, with the modern punk rock swagger of bands like Slaves and Royal Blood, GANGS have very much laid down their marker as a booming, anthemic rock band with plenty of attitude to burn.

On Theives, the band exhibit all their best qualities as grimy caustic vocals prowl your ear drums, allied to relentless, raw guitar pieces and a rhythm section that propels GANGS, kicking and screaming, for two and half exhilarating minutes, before settling on a booming outro; a crescendo of distortion and affected vocals screaming “…take a look around thieves are coming TONIGHT!”.

GANGS were formed in 2016 when Steven Young (vocals, guitar), Stevie McLaren (guitar), Marc MacCallum(bass, vocals) and Stephen Forbes (drums) came together through their mutual love of all things rock & roll. Refreshingly, the band are forthright in their belief that they are content writing songs they believe in, rather than being populist, maintaining that they want to run their own race, all the while creating music they enjoy making. If Theives is anything to go by, GANGS are certainly enjoying the music they make.

Thieves by GANGS is out 22nd July via Smooth Action Records.

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