Animal Lover Announce New Album “Stay Alive” Due Out September 9th via Forward Records

July 21, 2016


Animal Lover Announce New Album “Stay Alive”

Due Out September 9th via Forward Records

Share “Waterparks of America” with IMPOSE

Animal Lover are here to make punk weird again. The trio are getting ready to release their new album Stay Alive on September 9th via Forward Records (Tenement, Dusk, Wildhoney) and today the band are excited to share the closing track and lead single “Waterparks of America”. The Minneapolis by-way-of North Dakota trio have been making a name for themselves over the years in the Midwest DIY punk scene with a gift for experimental structures, harsh post-punk, noise rock, free jazz, and chaotic art damaged sludge. Two years have passed since the highly praised Guilt, but Animal Lover sound hungrier than ever, sinking their teeth into a cavalcade of warped ideas, sonic assaults, and dense grooves that’d make Mission of Burma and The Wipers proud.

Equal parts blistering and hypnotic, dense and expansive, bizarre and brilliant, Stay Alive is an infectious and challenging album, built on interlocking rhythms and violent scrapes of guitar noise. It’s an experimental album with punk at its core but it’s the jazz perversions and pop sensibilities that place Animal Lover in their own league. “Waterparks of America” is the perfect sample of the album, a massive song that takes it’s time to develop into a tidal groove, opening with an earth shattering bass line as the guitars lock in and the heavy riffs grip ahold. The song rages forward on a motorik beat, thrashing and hypnotic with distorted ferociousness. Growing more gnarly by the minute, it isn’t until nearly four minutes of noise psych exploration before the vocals kick in, offering their own shaky melody to the song’s rattling bliss.

IMPOSE called it “hard hitting, with instrumentals that will shake you to your core, and leave a lasting rumble in your soul and keep your ears ringing, even after the song is over. The intense guitar riffs are the center of attention on this track. The momentum of the song builds and increases second after second, and minute after minute, until the vocals finally come in, about 4 minutes into the song. This song is fast-paced, fierce, and certainly unique.”


07/20 – Minneapolis, MN @ Seward Community Cafe w/ Tunic & Les Deux Magots
07/22 – Minneapolis, MA @ Triple Rock w/ Die Kreuzen’s Dan Kubinski & The Crosses, Buildings & Flintlock
09/17 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Purgatory w/ Satan’s God
09/20 – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club w/ Gauss & Absolutely


Animal Lover is a highly hash tagged rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They originally started in the neighboring state of North Dakota in 2009 before finally moving to the Twin Cities in 2011 where they’ve since released a 7-inch, two 12-inches, a couple of live tapes, and a bunch of headaches unto the midwest, east coast, west coast, and Canadian territories. They are influenced by art, science fiction, ideas, jazz, musical freedom, improvisation, and curiosity. They are now set to release Stay Alive, their latest  full length album (recorded by Condominium’s Matt Castore), another esoteric work of expression on Forward Records on September 9, 2016.


“Stay Alive”
Forward Records
September 9, 2016

1. Intro
2. Dreamhouse
3. Life On Earth
4. High Noon
5. U-Land
6. Nathan’s Nitrates
7. Refrain
8. Jerk The Technician
9. Nuclear Theme
10. Acid With Worms
11. Caramel Again
12. Waterparks of America

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