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Wild Throne UK EP Release + UK/EU Tour Interview Special

June 29, 2016


Wild Throne UK EP Release + Tour Interview Special

We first became aware of Wild Throne through our own Rad Releases end of year special back in 2014, when the lovely Chris Scott of Bearcubbin listed their 2014 EP ‘Blood Maker‘ as one of his most loved releases of that year, then in our 2015 follow-up feature Chris listed Wild Throne‘s debut album release Harvest of Darkness as his firm favourite.  Chris’ strong recommendation was enough for us to discover and appreciate the talent Wild Throne convey.

The Washington based trio Wild Throne consist of of Josh Holland (guitar/vocals), Noah Burns (drums) and Jeff Johnson (bass). Together they are a united force not to be reckoned with. The three create a brutally progressive mix of unruly rock, mixing heavy metal, prog rock and everything weird and wonderful in-between. Their crafted musicianship engage all for an exciting and pleasing listen. This ferocious band have no boundaries, they are one of the most powerful acts around and that power is clear to hear throughout all of their addictive compositions.


With this band continuously striving for more, the three seem to be forever on the road performing their work to as many as possible. They really do deserve your support. Earlier this year it was announced they are set to release their debut EP, ‘Blood Maker’, on 22nd July in the UK, via Roadrunner Records. Produced by Ross Robinson (At The Drive-In, The Cure), the EP features 4 tracks. To coincide with the release the three will be touring the UK/Eu with  3 UK dates, including a free show at the Old Blue Last in London.


1. Harvest Of Darkness
2. Shadow Deserts
3. The Wrecking Ball Unchained
4. Blood Maker

To get the full experience, the Wild Throne mind melting, earth shattering live set we urge our readers to get to one their live shows, the dates are below, save them now and get prepared to watch your new favorite hard hitting band.

You can catch the band at the following UK dates this July:
Wed 20th Jul – BATH Moles (Dischord club night)
Thu 21st Jul – LONDON Black Heart (tickets)
Fri 22nd Jul – LONDON Old Blue Last (free entry)

Ahead of these must-see dates and the forthcoming UK EP release, we had the total pleasure in chatting with Josh Holland of Wild Throne to find out more about their inspiration, their unique sound, their live shows and what we can look forward to from everything WT related.

Firstly introduce yourselves and your role within Wild Throne.

My name is Josh Holland and I play guitar and sing for the band.

You are an extremely promising outfit going from strength to strength but how long has the band been established and where did the name come from?

We’ve been playing in bands with each other for over 10 years. Changing a member here or there, or the name or the overall mission/vision a bit when we want to. We’ve been doing Wild Throne for about 3 years and it has definitely been the strongest iteration of the group in my opinion.

Together you create something that demands your attention- a hard-hitting blend of prog rock, metal and both thrash +math rock elements but we want to know what are your collective influences that shine through in your work?

I think you said it. Just being aware of our influences and making sure that none of them are mutually exclusive genres. We all love prog, we love thrash, we love math, over produced radio pop, all of it. I think letting all of that shine through without limits is the goal and the challenge.

What was that one single album or track that transformed your life?

Impossible to name just one as a singular pivot. I’ve been through so many different phases of influence and musical obsession. One song that comes to mind is “Transitions From Persona To Object” by the Tacoma band Botch. I that song taught me just how flexible you can be with heavy and that it’s possible and totally okay to be smart and imaginative while being so heavy visceral. I looked at what was possible very differently after getting heavily into Botch in a way that sticks with me today.

How would you describe your own sound?

I suppose an honest as possible mix of all the music we’ve ever loved. From the heart, trusting our intuit of what is real and what is bullshit to us. That’s pretty vague and subjective, but we try not to hyper focus on what our sound is or what it should be. We just try our best to let it flow and trust it.

With the recent announcement of the UK release of your debut EP, ‘Blood Maker’, due 22nd July in the UK, via Roadrunner Records, a string of UK shows were also announced to support this release. Is this your first time touring UK?

Yes! I’ve toured there a few times with some other bands before but this is our first time there together.

Do you know much about the UK DIY scene and if so how does it compare to that where you are based?

I don’t, but I’m excited to see as much as I can of the current UK DIY scene!

What can the audience look forward to from your appearance?

I can say what I hope the audience can look forward to and that is something you can’t see anywhere else with all the fun bells and whistles of like, a heavy metal pinball machine with a lot of genuine heart for the songs. That’s the kind of stuff I like, creating something fresh for an audience to connect with that can be simultaneously fun and confrontational.

How would you describe the reception to your live presence?

We’ve really been gelling as a unit like never before on our recent tours and the reception has been building with it. We started to meet more and more fans of the band that have their own stories to tell about us, their own connections to the band. All of that is happening at the merch table every night while we also meet new fans that we just turned on. I’d say that’s what it’s all about!

Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

Probably The Death Of A Star. There’s a lot going on in that song and every time we can nail it feels really great.

What are you looking forward to most during your time in the UK?

The fact that one can play their instrument long enough and eventually have it lead to such a great opportunity to fly to another far off country to play it there is in itself flooring to me. I’m looking forward to seizing that opportunity by just turning on the Marshall and letting it go. Hoping it’s the beginning of a long friendship with the UK.

You guys tour hard, you’re on the road month’s at a time, you’ve been out since the start of April travelling across the US touring with the likes of Torche, Kvelertak and Mutoid Man. You perform every night with the same passion, intensity and great workmanship. What is it that you each get from touring life?

I get from touring a sense of kinship and tradition with all the musicians who came before us. Like, doing it as hard as you can is a right of passage and proven model that hasn’t been tampered with. Tour, tour some more, then tour again, tour even harder, cry a little, double down, and maybe you’ll have some success. Maybe not. But one thing you have to do no matter what is tour. Anyone of my musical heroes, as diverse as they are, understood that. And everyday on the road it’s our turn.

What’s it been like on your current run of US dates?

It was really great! So many new friends, new favorite cities, new favorite venues, new ways to improve the show, new influences. I love it.

Do you have a ritual you do just before taking to the stage? Like a band huddle that you’ve been excited to re-do one last time.

We all have personal rituals for sure. Maybe a whisky and a warm-up, we’ll get dressed together before the show and talk about what we want to do that night. We walk on in the dark and we always get close and connect before we count off and wish each other a great show.

What’s the strangest venue/atmosphere you’ve played to date?

Probably that show we played in a gigantic empty venue where we played last of 8 acts. 2 of which where separate very, very young girls singing karaoke Lady Gaga songs while their parents videotaped. The show was also live streamed on the internet, so my extremely supportive parents were treating it like it was Live At Budokan. At the end of the night the promoter gave us some gas money and reminded us he only booked us as a favor to our booking agent. Thanks for the memories!

When you are on the road bringing new people/venues/cities some Wild Throne goodness, do the opportunities bring you new inspiration and do you ever write whilst on the road?

Absolutely. When I spend all day in a van trapped in my head it gives me a lot of time to run ideas through. Whenever we come home from tour I’m always dying to get in the room with the dudes and spill all of that out with them. Post tour always comes with a spike in creativity for sure.

Regarding the forthcoming EP, what can we expect from Blood Maker?

Blood Maker was our first step in a new direction and recording it was very much an experience that changed all of our lives. The reaction to it in the US wasn’t something were counting on, or depended on, but it when people heard it it seemed to click and it set us off on this whole journey. Eventually leading us to a follow up and the extremely exciting upcoming trip over seas. I hope your readers check it out!

We wish you all the best during your tour and hope it’s awesome. Before we leave have you got any last words?

Thanks, Naomi! Hope to see you in UK.

Thank you Josh and all of Wild Throne for your time with Circuit Sweet. We wish you all the best with the EP release, the live shows and conquering Europe, we  hope you enjoy the endless opportunities that will continue to be head your way- you’ve got a place in the countryside if you need a break or a holiday when you’re done!

For live tickets to their upcoming London and German shows, check the links below-

London Black Heart:

London Old Blue Last:


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