Jackal Onasis Stream Debut Album “Big Deal Party” Ahead Of Release Date

June 23, 2016
Steve Bone

Steve Bone

Jackal Onasis Stream New Album “Big Deal Party” viaSubstream Magazine

Due Out June 24th via Exploding In Sound Records

Jackal Onasis are excited to share Big Deal Party, their debut album in full via Substream Magazine. Due out this Friday, June 24th via Exploding In Sound Records, the Brooklyn trio have come a long way since they began writing these songs across coasts several years ago. Built around shared musical influences and TV worship, the core duo of Alex Molini (Stove, Big Putts, ex-Dirty Dishes) and Jordyn Blakely (Stove, Kino Kimino, ex-Night Manager) have created a blistering flood of infectious indie and punk noise on their debut, channeling shoegaze, post-hardcore, and art-rock into the mix. Trading off vocals throughout the record, Blakely and Molini have developed a perfect sense of harmony between them, offering mellow vocals and slow dripping melodies to juxtapose the band’s chaotic tangled structures and sonic aggression.

Formed across coasts by Molini and Blakely, the duo shared files back and forth, constructing the basics of Big Deal Party before Molini uprooted to Brooklyn where the “project” became a “band,” joined by bassist Ghoul Man (Sickhead) to fill out their live sound. While the members of Jackal Onasis come from a wide range of musical backgrounds, their shared love for bands like Deftones, Autolux, and My Bloody Valentine pulled them together, deriving the band’s heavy shoegaze and fuzzed out noise pop sound… that and their love of TV, specifically recent cult-favorite Party Down, the show the band’s name is derived from as well as the loose concept of the record.

Speaking about the record, Substream shared “Big Deal Party gathers inspiration from the Adam Scott and Ken Marino-starring comedy series and pairs it with spaced-out shoegaze bliss, bedroom-pop dual vocals, and fuzzy, garage-ready guitars.”


06/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Washer, Bethlehem Steel, Stringer & Hank May


Formed out of an unquenchable need to watch TV and with generally having nothing to do, guitarist Alex Molini (of Stove, Big Putts, ex-Dirty Dishes) and drummer Jordyn Blakey (Stove, ex-Butter the Children, ex-Night Manager) began Jackal Onasis back in 2014 by sending demos back and forth from Los Angeles to New York City. Through their mutual love of the same bands (Autolux, My Bloody Valentine, Deftones) and a steady stream of emails, the pair were able to form their fuzzy alt-rock sound over a year’s time without ever playing in the same room together. In 2015, Molini relocated to New York and Jackal were joined by bassist “Ghoul Man” (of Sick Head) and the newly formed trio began performing regularly in the Brooklyn area.

Now after a year of tinkering and playing out, the band is set to release their debut Big Deal Party on June 24th, 2016 through Brooklyn based label, Exploding in Sound Records. The 7-track release is comprised of songs all inspired by one of the group’s favorite TV shows, cult-classic Party Down (which also inspired the group’s name, Jackal Onasis). Recorded on both coasts between 2014 and 2015 by the band and various friends in numerous locations, the project was fully realized with the help of mix and mastering engineer (and fellow former Dirty Dishes member), Steve Bone. 

“Runty Little Puppy” was included late last year on Post-Trash’s “Volume One” compilation with all proceeds directed to Planned Parenthood.

“On its surface, the song feels simple enough, the baked-in complexities in instrumentation buzzing through as it continues. The guitar line is tuned for sludge, giving the song a nice, heavy texture like a suped-up Autolux. The rest of the song shows the band harmonizing up a nice melody, adding a contrast to the rest of the music.” – Noisey

“Blakely’s rolling, quick-hitting drum pattern punctuates Colli’s shoegazing, wandering bass and Molini’s wailing, alternating guitar patterns. The song is an unrelenting two minutes, but there is so much musicality and evolving rhythms that it never quite settles into one aesthetic, keeping the ear engaged. Blakely’s hypnotic monotone wafts slightly above the fray until it’s enveloped by an all-out jam session at the end with Molini’s guitar sounding like sirens whizzing through the streets.” – Stereogum

“title-track ‘Big Deal Party‘ is a carefully cacophonous intro, the scuzzy sway of the verses swelling in to something more fierce as the percussion finds expansive new angles to attack from, and the guitars slowly-but-assuredly ramp up the heat, filling the gaps between the steadfast vocals that never give away despite the swampy instrumentation they do battle with.” – GoldFlakePaint

Exploding In Sound Records
June 24, 2016


1. The Handsome Giraffe
2. You Should Listen To Your Nurse (No Sleep)
3. Big Deal Party
4. Runty Little Puppy
5. Mookie Told Me Everything
6. The New Ron
7. I Went To College (Procrastination)

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Exploding In Sound Records

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