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Introducing- Simon Gore | Album Release Special

June 4, 2016
Skye Portman Photography

Skye Portman Photography


Introducing- Simon Gore

Let us introduce you to the creative mind and friend of Circuit Sweet, Simon Gore. This name may ring bells to a few regulars as we took on his outfit A Parliament of Wolves and assisted in the release of the duo’s debut release ‘I Am A Knife With Legs’ which is available in our store now.

We are delighted to announce we have grabbed Simon Gore under our management roster and will be stocking his forthcoming debut solo release ÉN TI.

Simon Gore has created an instrumental and vital album of the most beautiful, minimalist, ambient electronic creations that resonates at a completely different frequency from all that has been revealed to the world before.

With proud local ties and a Norweigan soul, multi instrumentalist Simon Gore is set to release a provocative debut solo album that is not to be overlooked as merely a side-project, his passion for developing more of an interest in noise than traditional, tonal music is set to impress all who reaches out to hear his forthcoming record ÉN TI .

Whilst thriving on allusion, Gore‘s musical direction alongside his expansive background in various experimental rock bands, an electronic and instrumental outfit, years of session work covering a wide range of genres and his strong work ethic determine the musicians’ keen eye for the aesthetics of his work alongside Gore constantly pushing the boundaries of his own craft.

ÉN TI is an electro minimalist visceral projection which will play havoc with your emotions. The perfect score to a dark, eerie, nordic tale. Utilising sequences to format his minimalist orchestrations and  polyrhythms, Simon projects a soundscape which will entice your imagination.

The long awaited fully independent debut release of ÉN TI is set to be unveiled at the start of October, with an official release date imminent. A physical release, photo book and a digital stream/ download will be available. The physical release will be officially distributed and available from Oslo based record company looop records and via ourselves in the UK.

If the album teaser above captivates you and pushes you to want more, Cardiff Made are set to host a special ambient evening on June 11th where you will be the first to get a glimpse into this momentous and vital album. A (as of yet) unheard orchestration taken from ÉN TI  titled ‘Thor Is Unhappy Because He Misses his Hammer‘ will be debuted at MADE Events Presents: Electric Soup | Live Ambient Electronica, Improvisation and Collaboration accompanied by Interactive Visuals.

To intice you to indulge in all things ÉN TI a free single is due to be revealed ahead of the album release, keep your eyes peeled on Circuit Sweet for more details.





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