Drunk Couples Premiere “Wrecked” Music Video via New Noise Magazine – Debut LP Due Out 06/17 on Bob Records

June 7, 2016
Photo Credit: Paul King

Photo Credit: Paul King

Drunk Couples Premiere “Wrecked” Music Video
via New Noise Magazine

Debut LP Blasted! Due Out June 17th
on Bob Records

Preorders Available Now

Charleston, South Carolina’s riff-loving punks, Drunk Couples, have teamed with New Noise Magazine to premiere their music video for “Wrecked” another explosive track from their debut full length, Blasted!, due out June 17th via Bob Records.

“Wrecked” is a perfect example of Drunk Couples‘ ability to seamlessly combine punk and hardcore with a healthy dose of rock & roll riffage. The track tears along with Lemmy-inspired momentum to spare, displaying the kind of unabashed rock & roll swagger that’s rarely seen in a punk band.

Blasted! is available for preorder now.

Watch “Wrecked” via New Noise Magazine:

For some punk bands, rock & roll is the enemy; it represents the old guard with little to offer. Charleston, South Carolina’s Drunk Couples are not one of those bands. On their debut full length, Blasted!, Drunk Couples fully embrace the swagger of rock & roll without losing a drop of the urgency that makes punk so vital. It’s a delicate balance, but Drunk Couples are anything but a delicate band.

Formed in 2014 after it’s members’ previous band, the post-rock leaning Gifts From Enola, came to an end, Drunk Couples sounds like a direct reaction to that previous project. Stripped down and straight ahead, the band’s music is a pummeling mix of punk, hardcore, and of course, rock & roll that never meanders or over stays it’s welcome. The appropriately titled Blasted! is a non-stop explosion of massive riffs and catchy hooks, a refreshingly gimmick free album that doesn’t let up once over the course of it’s tight 30 minutes.

Drunk Couples don’t care if you think they’re punk, rock & roll, or anything in between, they just want you to turn it up.

Blasted! tracklist:

1. Dick Swingin’ Contest
2. Clingers
3. Wrecked
4. Bound and Gagged
5. Neck
6. Carcass
7. Raisin’ Hell In The Holy City
8. Get Bent
9. Eye Foreign Eye
10. Skin

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