Date Palms’ Marielle V Jakobsons announces shimmering new solo record ‘Star Core’, out 19th August

June 4, 2016


Date Palms’ Marielle V Jakobsons announces new solo album

“Star Core” out 19th August 

Violinist Jakobsons steps away from her work in Date Palms on the meditative yet complex new record

“A meditative amalgam of grounding strings and mirage-like shimmers…” The Fader

“…deeply moving and meditative synth and organic drones.” – Mojo

“What Marielle has replicated… is the exuberance of nature, the subtle, superabundance of the given thing itself.” Tiny Mix Tapes 

On her new record Star Core (out 19th August), multi-instrumentalist Marielle V Jakobsons uses her voice for the first time, while expanding on ideas she explored in her previous solo records and as one-half of the group Date PalmsStar Core revolves around minimalist synthesizer layers with melodic violin, flute, and vocals over elongated bass grooves. The songs on the album are Jakobsons’ version of devotional hymns, and they create a cosmic yet personal environment to slow down with and to get lost in.

The songs on Star Core are based around slowly-evolving analog synthesizer samples. Jakobsons added bass lines and melodies that emerge as phasing patterns and delicate sonic gestures influenced by her career as a sound designer. She crafts synthesizer melodies by modulating analog filters in harmonic scales that aren’t made up of traditional keyboard notes. In the middle of recording the album, Jakobsons took out all of the frets on her short-scale Japanese surfer bass to play in tune with the synthesizers, instead of being boxed in by fretted scales. “I guess that came from the violin,” Jakobsons, a classically trained musician, notes. “Frets always seemed a bit odd and limiting to me.” 

The title track, “Star Core,” builds to a Bollywood-style orchestral explosion that mirrors the formation of a star. “Rising Light” acts as a compositional postlude to the title track, taking place when light from the star’s explosion first begins to appear in the sky. Singing lyrics for the first time in her career, Jakobsons crafts dreamy hymns that encourage listeners to find a core power and call upon their higher selves to create their future. Her voice connects the personal to the cosmic on the opening track “White Sparks”: “Seep in the sun/ lay one more day/ rise to the moon/ weave a new way”.

Star Core was recorded at Jakobsons’ home studio and at Mills College in Oakland, California and mixed at Chuck Johnson’s Cirrus Oxide studio.


Star Core album cover

Marielle V Jakobsons – “Star Core”
Out 19th August via Thrill Jockey

Available on LP / CD / DL 

Track listing:
1. White Sparks
2. Star Core
3. The Beginning Is the End
4. Rising Light
5. Undone
6. The Sinking of the Sky

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