NYXE shares her new fantasy-synth soaked music video

May 29, 2016


NYXE shares her new fantasy-synth soaked music video

Raised on X-Files and piano lessons, NYXE’s new music video is pure fantasy synth night magic.

“…fleets of ships deigned to sink, thousands of kisses on myriad lips, eons of myths written for kings and queens…”Flaunt Magazine

We all are raised by mythologies. Tales of fantasy and science fiction that guide us in later life. Hans Christian Anderson may be traditional, but what of those with Agent Scully as their princess of choice? No better way to learn lessons of elegance, wisdom, intelligence, grace, and beauty than through worlds where the feminine is an antidote to overwhelming darkness – and yet still, it’s kissing cousin. A delicate, glittery magic, like an oasis in the dark. Pamela Shaffer embodies this modern mythology. She expresses it as the musical night-ceremony entitled Nyxe.

Growing up with X-Files posters on her wall, and a true passion for piano, Shaffer found her true voice though synths – the language of the fantasy film score. Nighttime is her muse. Her melodies stretch into narratives. Her harmonies are color and light in the mist. Darkness is where Nyxe finds power in that gentle way only the stillness of night can bring. A space witch singing lullabies from sunken pirate ships.


“Without You” free download:

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