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May 24, 2016
: Micah E. Wood

 Micah E. Wood


Outer Spaces debut album
streaming in full via
Under the Radar


“A Shedding Snake is brimming with delicate, elegantly crafted songs punctuated by incisive lyrics and unexpectedly vivid choruses.” – Under the Radar Mag

“Lead singer Cara Beth Satalino wears her heart on her sleeve and with a guitar strapped on to boot, crafting soft melodies that waver between slightly confessional and deeply personal.” – Consequence of Sound

“Cara [is] bringing her intimate songwriting to a louder indie rock template.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“While it’d be easy to typify…as folk-rock…that descriptor doesn’t fully speak to the…power…making Outer Spaces an apt moniker for a band this adventurous.” – A.V. Club

“[T]he record explores life’s transitions through a blend of mellow folk rock and catchy indie ballads that recall the Southern ‘college rock’ of generations past.” – She Shreds

After a few teaser tracks and a video for “I Saw You”, Baltimore trio, Outer Spaces are debuting their full length album, now streaming in full via Under the Radar.  A Shedding Snake has a misleadingly effortless sound – yet the complexity of the melodies and stories told is evident. The refreshingly well-rounded record is perfectly at home on the matchlessDon Giovanni Records roster.

Listen to A Shedding Snake on YouTube.

Taking cues from Pavement, the expansive melody-driven choruses are perfectly grounded by Cara Beth Santalino’s sweetly sung yet biting lyrics, highlighted by minimalistic yet powerful harmonies a la Warpaint. Her strength as a songwriter is perfectly accompanied by bandmates, Rob Dowler and Chester Gwazda, who also produced the record.  “I Saw You” is a lush, catchy folk-pop song that rings true to the conflict of the desire for acceptance in a new place, while not leaving aspects of your true self behind.  A lyrically biting love song gone wrong, “Words,” is set to brightly strummed guitar and poetic melody. The composition of bouncing keys, layered vocal harmonies and gritty guitar on“Eternally Fifteen” are simultaneously soothing and powerful.

Like a snake sheds its skin to grow and move forward, so has Satalino as a songwriter and performer. By taking the dynamic experiences she’s had musically, and teaming with versatile and capable collaborators, Satalino has hit a stride. Influenced by Murmur-era Michael Stipe and Peter Buck, Satalino bridges the gap from what’s in her rear view to her present. “Moving to a new place is a chance for a clean slate in a way, and I think that the songs on this record reflect that feeling,” she says. “It’s a record about moving on, moving past, moving forward, and moving toward.”

A Shedding Snake is out 27th May on Don Giovanni Records.

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