Gone Is Gone (Mastodon, At the Drive-In, QOTSA Members) Present ‘Violescent’ In The Studio

May 20, 2016


Gone Is Gone (Mastodon, At the Drive-In, QOTSA Members) Present ‘Violescent’ In The Studio

New experimental rock band, Gone Is Gone was formed by revered musiciansTony Hajjar, Mike Zarin, Troy Van Leeuwen and Troy Sanders. The collaborative group have announced their self-titled debut EP for a July 8th release through their own imprint label via Rise Records/BMG.

In anticipation of the impending EP, Gone Is Gone have unveiled an in-studio video for their current offering ‘Violescent’ here.

In their recent interview with, Tony Hajjar says “It feels good to know that all this music will see the light of day soon.”

“The vibe from Day 1 was, and has been, very therapeutic and refreshing for me,” adds Troy Sanders. “The chemistry was immediate.”

What was once thought a distant idea, is now reality. It began when members Tony Hajjar and Mike Zarin were writing music for film trailers and they realized they had created a sound that needed a life outside of that medium.  It needed a band. Fast forward through some phone calls and drinks: Troy Van Leeuwen was in. The trio met and wrote an EP within the first several sessions, but were still in need of the right vocalist.  Upon first listen, Troy Sanders understood the vision and flew to Los Angeles to write and record vocals on the spot. Introducing, Gone Is Gone.

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