Blessed Share “Feel” via Stereogum – Blessed EP Due Out May 20th

May 1, 2016
Jaimi Wainright

Jaimi Wainright

Blessed Share “Feel” via Stereogum

Blessed EP Due Out May 20th

Canadian Tour Dates Announced

“Check out Blessed -amazing new post-punk band from Canada” Purity Ring

“Blessed’s sound is weird, noisy and harsh, drawing from surf, rock and post-punk in equal measure.” – Noisey

Blessed recently announced their upcoming self titled EP will be self released on May 20th, a week into the band’s massive Canadian tour. The Vancouver based post-punk band’s debut is filled with knotted riffs and crushing dynamics, and their new single “Feel” will take you for a wild ride. Blessed use space and structure to their advantage as much as staccato riffs, stampeding drums, and piercing noise. Inspired by art rock past and present, from Can to Ought, Blessed have a sound routed in complexity with a natural sound that digs its own path of art punk brilliance. The band bounce around like a pinball on “Feel” pulling the intensity out from under the listener at the most unexpected of times only to feed to back in blistering riffs and ominous howls.

Speaking about the single, Stereogum offered:

“The song is a disjointed multi-part adventure, post-punk blown out to a prog-rock scope. Each hard-hitting, rhythmically heavy segment is topped off by jagged guitar lines and, as the band explains, some stabs at heartfelt communication”


Blessed are a new heavy post-punk band that branches into territories including noise and psych, with clean interweaving intricate guitar lines, reaching out from influences including Ought to Interpol to Can. The quartet’s members have been involved in the Fraser Valley music scene, anchored by You Say Party, Teen Daze, and Juno nominated metal act Ancients, for over a decade. While the individual members of the band have toured Canada, the United States, and Europe while supporting artists such as Said the Whale and KEN Mode, Blessed marks a new beginning. Drew Riekman (GSTS!, Oh No! Yoko) and Reuben Houweling (Open Letters, GSTS!) have come together with Jake Holmes (Little Wild) and Mitchell Trainor (Casinos) to collaborate on Blessed, a band the guys believe will surpass anything the four have done individually or together, both in depth of songwriting and strength of performance.

With the past year behind them, Blessed completed three Western Canadian tours on the strength of a 7″ single released by Kingfisher Bluez that included opening for critically acclaimed acts such as The Isotopes, The Courtney’s, and Canadian darlings The Wet Secrets. The band’s debut EP is set to take them across Canada and the United States in 2016 for a massive run of over 100 shows by years end. Supporting a debut EP that is full of sharp staccato, anxiety ridden guitar, ambient passages, and left field time signature shifts, Blessed bounce between breezy, overwhelmingly heavy, and dissonant over the course of the four songs, recorded by Curtis Buckoll of Rain City Recorders (White Lung, Japandroids, Baptists). With obsessive attention to detail, rowdy live performances, and four members driven to play anywhere and everywhere possible, the ambition to spread out to anyone who will have them has never been stronger, and is growing still.


05/11 – Revelstoke, BC @ The Drop
05/12 – Calgary, AB @ Broken City
05/13 – Edmonton, AB @ Clint’s House
05/14 – Saskatoon, SK @ Amigo’s
05/19 –  Winnipeg, MB @ Sad Boys Club
05/20 – Thunder Bay, ON @ The Apollo
05/21 – Saulte Ste Marie, ON @ The New American
05/22 – Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge
05/23 – London, ON @ Old East Bar
05/24 – Brampton, ON
05/25 – Hamilton, ON @ This Ain’t Hollywood
05/26 – Guelph, ON @ DSTRCT
05/27 – Toronto, ON @ The Central
05/28 – Montreal, QB @ Poisson Noire
05/29 – Fredericton, NB @ Charlotte Arts Center
05/31 – Saint John, NB @ Callahan’s Pub w/ Casper Skulls
06/01 – Moncton, NB @ Claude’s House w/ Casper Skulls
06/02 – Charlottetown, PE @ Sportsman’s
06/03 – Halifax, NS @ Gus’s Pub
06/04 – Montreal, QC @ Bad Lunch
06/07 – Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
06/08 – Kingston, ON @ The Artel 100%
06/09 – Ottawa, ON
06/10 – Toronto, ON
06/11 – Sudbury, ON @ The Asylum
06/13 – Winnipeg, ON @ The Handsome Daughter
06/14 – Saskastoon, SK @ Barf House
06/16 – Lethbridge, AB
06/17 – Calgary, AB
06/18 – Edmonton, AB @ The Alley
06/25 – Victoria, BC

Self Released
May 20, 2016

1. Waving Hand
2. Cop
3. Repossess
4. Feel

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