Barcelona’s Seward share video for single, “Sweet Kick”

May 20, 2016


Barcelona’s Seward share video
for single, “Sweet Kick”.
Album out 3rd June on Naim Records

When you hear a band with something different about them, something unique, that rare and precious quality, the shock of the new, you just know.

Barcelona’s Seward are extraordinary.  A four-piece that don’t go in for typical song structures, that captivate one minute with a heart-tugging melody, before collapsing into thrilling noise the next.  They ascend from delicate acoustic beauty to dissonant chaos, from atmospheric samples to scrunching wreckage.  Pablo plays synths, effects and guitar, Adriano sings, Jordi plays bass and Juan is on drums but the band use banjos, wind-up toys, samples, whatever comes to hand to realise their incandescent vision.

Their third album, Second Two: Chapter Home and first for Naim Records (home of the Mercury Prize-nominated Eska) is a stunning work of art.  A record to get lost in. These are unconventional, original songs that ditch the tired verse-chorus-verse structure but trigger the same addiction cravings that the best pop music can.

Clash have premiered the video for their latest single “Sweet Kick” 

Watch and share the video to “Sweet Kick” HERE

Read what Seward say about the single, “If you’d look at yourself in the mirror, what would you see? A sweet, sweet, sweet… KICK! This is the very first song we played together as Seward. It’s history! So we decided to be fair with our memory and put together all our personal videos from loads of unforgettable moments captured on tour. You can watch the band playing flamenco at a backstage in Brighton, dancing before a rehearsal at our private studio, playing baseball in Czech Republic, getting nuts in a hotel room in Groningen, walking around the old Mexico City… You can also meet some of the people we deeply love: Our family, our friends. You can even recognize yourself in this piece if you watch kindly. Take your time. Welcome Home.”

In places Seward evoke Radiohead, in others, Tom Waits or Godspeed You Black Emperor.  There are echoes of Jeff Buckley’s celestial vox and the transcendence of Arcade Fire or cult band,The Books. Hints of jazz, rumours of folk, Kosmische, post rock and touches of electronics.  But combined in such a dazzling, inventive way: uncontrived, thrillingly alive.

Seward are your new favourite group.  And they’re about to begin their most momentous chapter yet.  Time to turn the page and make your own discovery.

Second Two: Chapter Home will be released on Naim Records on the 3rd June 2016.

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