Shunkan share video for ‘Here With Me’

April 6, 2016


Shunkan share video for ‘Here with Me’ as the glorious fuzz of The Pink Noise gets a repress.

With the first pressing selling out extremely quickly , Bristol/London-based DIY label Art is Hard Records will be repressing Shunkan’s The Pink Noise, a record that DIY described as “half an hour of fully-formed, confident and glorious fuzz”. To celebrate the repress they’ve shared the new video for ‘Here With Me’.

With the lo-fi dust settled from their sell-out debut EP ‘Honey Milk and Blood‘ – critically-acclaimed by the NME, The Guardian, DIY, Brooklyn Vegan and bloggers worldwide – Shunkan has transformed from the bedroom project of 21-year-old LA-born (but NZ based) Marina Sakimoto to a full band affair that takes her sound skyward.

The LP is delicate and affecting – “a startling range of themes and emotions are covered – and each one to devastating effect. BBC 6 Music. With the move away from her previous lo-fi production, Marina Sakimoto’s song-writing is instead allowed to take centre stage.

Whether Marina is describing the feeling of big city loneliness (Peter), learning how to grow up (The Pink Noise) or co-dependency (Here With Me) there is a consistent feeling of catharsis which runs throughout the album, although the subject matter might be objectively sad, the album certainly doesn’t feel that way. “The Pink Noise will make you feel more understood” Noisey.

There’s Weezer-esque choruses, melodies to make Radiator Hospital proud and shoegaze interludes that might even cause Kevin Shields to fathom a grin.

The album was recorded in Lyttleton, Christchurch NZ, Sakimoto says of the record “The inspiration was honesty and clarity whilst trying to create something that exists as a love letter to my teenage self. The lyrics are vulnerable and straight forward with hints of abstract imagery and setting.”


Artist: Shunkan

Title: Here With Me

Album: The Pink Noise

Label: Art Is Hard Records

Format: 12” / Cassette / CD / Digital

Pressing info: Pink-dipped transparent 12” (limited to 300)


1. Garden

2. Our Names

3. Peter

4. Holdin’ to Your Breath

5. Blue

6. S.A.D

7. Palaeontologist

8. Here With Me

9. Anything But Love

10. Everybody Wants to Die

11. The Pink Noise


Purchase link:

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