ODONIS ODONIS share new track ‘Nervous’-New album ‘Post Plague’ due June 17th via Felte!

April 28, 2016
Geoff Fitzgerald

Geoff Fitzgerald




In anticipation of their forthcoming album release on June 17th, Toronto trio Odonis Odonis are sharing another slice of their industrial synth sounds with new track ‘Nervous‘. Their new album ‘Post Plague’ is due June 17th via Felte.
Odonis Odonis explain the lyrical idea behind ‘Nervous‘: “Since the beginning of human existence, mankind has obsessed with creating perfection, but the flesh will always remain flawed. We now live in an era where we can selectively post on social media and create an idealized version of ourselves to present to the world. What if you could take that one step further? What if you could be the perfect version of yourself? Take a full body image scan of yourself at your favorite age and transplant all your favorite memories into a perfect Avatar of one’s self. Sounds crazy but all of this is around the corner and things are about to speed up.”

Toronto’s underground staple Odonis Odonis broke out in 2011 with their scrappy, blown out debut, Hollandaze. The dynamic band instantly began turning heads with their haze filled live shows and unique combination of influences. On their Polaris Prize nominated follow up Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, Odonis Odonis masterfully crafted a sonically divergent record that pushed them into groundbreaking territory.

Odonis Odonis’ latest epic, Post Plague, delivers an unforgettable blend of industrial, electronic and science fiction. OO’s post-apocalyptic anthems construct stark soundscapes and saturate them with layer upon layer of industrial grime. They do this with an enhanced sense of melody and willingness to push the boundaries of traditional pop structure.

Dean Tzenos’ vocals sit clear and upfront, delivered with a foreboding intensity that matches each song’s dystopian reality. Denholm Whale’s bass lays demolition charges nimbly sidestepped by Jarod Gibson’s futurist rhythms.

On Post Plague, Odonis Odonis delivers a hypnotic pulse that leaves a lasting impression. Post Plague forces us to realize what we are – vulnerable, frantic creatures yearning for authenticity. Pre-order ‘Post Plague’ here.

‘Post Plague’ tracklist:

01. Fearless
02. Needs
03. That’s How It Goes
04. Nervous
05. BLTZ
06. Pencils
07. Game
08. Vanta Black
09. Betrayal
10. Lust

Post Plague’ artwork:

Album trailer
Felte Website

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