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Debut album ONCE WAS LOST NOW JUST HANGING AROUND out May 6th on Raygun

A warm and spirited skip through an all-new world of hazy guitars and embracing storytelling, it sees Sego finding comfort in the worn-out Converse of Mac DeMarco, Darwin Deez and their similarly slack pop pals.”

“Ones to Watch”
The Guardian

“Like a potent combination of LCD Soundsystem and Mac DeMarco…It’s a winning combination”

“…an exciting journey deeply rooted in genuine sounds, nostalgia and inducing a completely new fascination for the married genres Sego have fused together.”
Music Ninja

L.A duo Sego have shared brand new single ‘Where I Belong’ from debut album, Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around. The band, who’s critically acclaimed slacker-indie-punk debutalbum will be released in the UK on May 6th, are heading over to the UK in May to play a number of tour dates, including The Great Escape, Dot to Dot, and a special London date at Dalston’s Servant Jazz Quarters.

The 13 track album will be released via Raygun Music in the UK, and Sego collaborated with visual artist Gustavo Torres aka Kidmograph to create visual loops to accompany each of their songs.

Sego has previously released two wildly inventive EP’s – Wicket Youth via the French taste-maker label Kitsune and Long Long Way From The Fringe with their US label Dine Alone Records. Sego is oft compared to DFA or LCD Soundsystem, though the duo play everything live with a penchant for classic instrumentation, perhaps more reminiscent of Mellow Gold-era Beck or Pavement. Their stream of consciousness lyrical style often muses on the mundane in life, using word play, witticisms and slacker criticisms of the world they see around them.

Spencer Petersen and Tom Carroll grew up as “good ol’ Utah boys.” Spencer is a multi- instrumentalist who writes songs from the drumbeats up. Tom hails from a family of traditional Irish dancers and cut his teeth in a drum-and-fife band. The two met while playing together in an outfit called Elizabethan Report (later known as Eyes Lips Eyes). They left Utah, moved to Los Angeles and watched projects build and fizzle as they grasped at something akin to adulthood, never quite reaching it and never being too upset about the mistrials.

Spencer and Tom operate out of what they call the Cube, a warehouse in downtown L.A. that’s part industrial-park facility, part urban hippie commune. It was here that Spencer wrote and recorded most of the tracks on Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around and the previously released EPs Long Long Way From the Fringe (Dine Alone) and Wicket Youth (Kitsune).

The rhythms that propel these songs are more than just dance tracks, but something closer to musical manifestations of Spencer’s own skewed sense of alienation and skewed sense of self.

“I started writing songs with the intent of having someone else sing them, mostly just snippets in a notebook,” says Spencer, who has always played a sideman role in previous projects. “But other singers weren’t panning out, so I guess it was up to me. This is my first attempt as a singer, which is a whole different scene. I was surprised by how personal it is in both the writing and the performing. I’m not Springsteening it and writing about these characters. It’s my life.”

20/05 – Brighton, UK – The Great Escape (UTA Stage)
21/05 – Brighton, UK – The Great Escape (Hope & Ruin)
24/05 – London, UK – Servant Jazz Quarters
26/05 – London, UK – Oslo
27/05 – Manchester, UK – Dot to Dot
28/05 – Bristol, UK – Dot to Dot
29/05 – Nottingham, UK – Dot to Dot

Pre-order Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around HERE

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