Kate Epps drops video for ‘Spin’

April 28, 2016



Kate Epps drops video for ‘Spin’

The unsettling yet unquestionably beautiful pop of Kate Epps is fully evident in her latest video Spin, which you can see below.


Haunting yet peaceful, pop but not; the music of Kate Epps has many contradictions, but one constant is it’s soft, compelling power. One part DIY Lana Del Rey, two parts 1950s chanteuse and three parts every-sad-girl-ever, Epps is a masterly mix of contemporary music all wrapped up in one woman, a keyboard and some flowers – baby pink, of course.

Nancy Sinatra would be proud.

Some words from Kate about ‘Spin’:

Spin is a hazy, nostalgic and slightly pessimistic song and this was something I felt I needed to communicate visually with the video. The first two clips are from old advertisements (and are slowed down which makes them a bit more surreal, more dreamy). I always use old home movies because like my music there is an element of focus on a personal moment – someone pointed a camera at those flowers or that doll because they meant something to them; they saw some beauty in them in that moment and wanted to capture it on celluloid.

I like combining the contrived (advertisements) with the authentic (home movies). using home movies lends an imperfect, homemade feel too – again, like the music which is all recorded in my bedroom. a lot of the artists who inspire me musically and aesthetically were at their peak in the 60s and 70s so this is an era that I’m attracted to in style and source material.

The “speech” at the end of the song is from a 1970s feminist documentary called “growing up female” and it talks to a variety of real women and their experiences of growing up, the challenges they face in their lives and the aspirations they have for their own lives now that feminism has “liberated” them as well as their daughters – but they also talk to an advertising exec who admits that the way to sell products to women is to make them insecure and give them the illusion of personal freedom. When I saw this documentary I knew I wanted to sample it because awareness of those subtle messages – and how they can influence and impact our identity and aspirations – is really important.



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