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Introducing: whenyoung

April 10, 2016

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Do you remember when you were young? Do you remember that very distinctive mixed and contradictory feeling of fearlessness and doubt, of possibility and uncertainty, of freedom and pressure, of determination and flippancy?

Do you remember?

Well, these feelings are still fresh for whenyoung. They found that getting together and holing themselves up for months in a studio was the best way for them to make some sense of it all.

All those contradictions reveal themselves in their songs, where the music fizzes with youthful abandon and urgency while the lyrics tell quite a different story.

‘See How They Run”, the debut single by whenyoung, is a bold, brash and brilliant introduction to the band’s catchy, hooky, alternative pop.
whenyoung will be playing at The Alternative Great Escape, with more shows to be announced soon.

Thursday May 19th, The Alternative Great Escape, The Globe, Brighton.

whenyoung release their debut single ‘See How They Run’ on 22 April.

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