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Gavin Brown Takes On Lowla- Interview Special

April 26, 2016


Back in March we were thrilled to introduce the power-pop dynamic duo Lowla to the site when we featured their debut video for track ‘Reckless‘.

Pop duo Lara and Lo aka Lowla are championing the 90s pop revival, on a wave of stonewash denim and their must hear hit ‘Reckless’.

Heavily influenced by all things 90s, including a love for Levis denim, Lowla is the brainchild of producer Lo and creative stylist Lara. After meeting through chance when Lara appeared as a guest vocalist on a session that Lo was producing, Lo was immediately impressed and shortly after asked Lara to work on a project of their own. In addition to sharing the song writing and performance of their music they are both able to use their talents to bring together their vision for a project which is both musically and visually pioneering.

Our writer Gavin Brown spent some time chatting to both Laura and Lo to find the in-depth background in the band, their united outfit, their flawless single release and their passionate love for their image and desirable denim, read below for the full Q+A feature.

Get ready to love this pure pop perfect 2 piece.

G: Could you tell us a quick bit about the history of Lowla and how you got together?

Hi guys, thanks for having us. We’re Lo and Lara from London. We got together when Lo recorded Lara’s voice for someone else and instantly fell in love with it. And that’s how LOWLA was born.
G: Who would you say are your main influences when it comes to making your music?
We really like the Spice Girls, TLC, Madonna, Blood Orange, The Fugees, NWA, Destiny’s Child
G: Your debut single Reckless is out now. What’s the song about and how would describe the sound of it? 
 Reckless is all about breaking up with your break-up. It’s about getting over that lost love and the negative emotions accompanying it. It sounds like you dancing on the table in double denim.
G: You have also done a video for Reckless. What was the concept for the video and does it fit with the theme of the song at all?
We really wanted the video to be super visual and show off all our 90s influences. It doesn’t really have a narrative, but that’s the idea. The three girls are all intertwined but are searching for something. They’re stuck in this video game world which they can’t escape from. We see glimpses of the open road. Only at the end when the fake hand falls to the floor we get the sense that they may have left.
Watch here
G:  Have you got any plans for an album at the moment?
Yes, we’re planning an EP for autumn. And are gonna work on an album for 2017.
G: You have an unashamedly big pop sound. Is pop music what you primarily grew up listening to?
We grew up listening to a variety of stuff, from Van Morrisson, Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, The Jam, and also all of the above influences.
G: Yours is music that could have easily stood out in the 1990s. Is that a decade you are big fans and influenced by?
Yes, the 90s are exciting. We grew up in that decade and have been hugely shaped by pop culture from then, including music, fashion and TV shows.
G: Who are some of your favourite 90s artist?
Lara: Mine’s Blink 182 – I hate to admit it, but I was a little skater girl 🙂
Lo: I really loved Mariah Carey – still adore her 90s tracks. Not so much the 2000 albums though. Sorry!
G: In contrast to the sunny pop vibe in the music, there is also an element of angst and attitude. Is that contrast between those opposing emotions what you were looking for in the Lowla sound?
Well, it’s important for us to find depth and mix up our influences and musical understanding. We arrive at this contrast naturally. It’s not necessarily what we aim for, but just happens.
G: Artists such as Grimes, MO and Lapsley are doing big things in music at the moment with similar pop inspired sounds, do you think that what you are doing shares momentum with them or do you think that you are doing your own thing?
Thanks, that’s a great compliment! We love these ladies. We’re trying to do our own thing though, but comparisons are always welcome. There’s lots of come so stay tuned.
G: You have a range of special stylised denim jackets and vests available to buy from your website. Does denim play a big part in your image and do you make these items yourselves?
We breath denim! Seriously, it’s a big passion, particularly of Lara. For the shop, we source vintage denim and embellish these ourselves.
G:Who in popular music pulled off the best denim look?
Justin and Britney – they take a lot of guts to beat.
G: Will they be part of your merch range when you go out on tour?
If we can fit them into the tour bus – yes 🙂
G: What are your live plans for the rest of the year?
 We’ve gotta show coming on the 16th with Sofar Sounds – come along! And after that we hope to play some nice support slots as well as festivals.
G: Have you got any final words for our readers?
Stay denim!

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