Caralis release single ‘Logic’!

April 25, 2016


Caralis release single ‘Logic’!

 “Effortlessly pieced together” – Clash

“…lush and scintillating dream-pop…” – The Revue

For fans of: Caribou, Massive Attack, Thom Yorke, The Helio Sequence
Caralis have released their brand new single Logic, out now via Fairfield Records and available to purchase via iTunes as well as stream on Spotify.

Emerging from the shadow of London’s urban landscape, electronic pop band Caralis have skilfully produced a discordantly melodic sound which is captured superbly on the title track taken from the forthcoming release of debut EP Logic.

The official video recently premiered on The Revue and is available to watch now on the bands YouTube channel.

Logic is also available to stream now via the Caralis Soundcloud page.

Beginning as an experiment between two friends, Dan Frau (vocals, drums, keys, guitar) and producer John Merriman (production, drums, percussion, backing vox), Caralis has morphed into the bones of what loosely could be considered a ‘band’, with the additions of Phil Merrimen (keys) and Ex Libras front man Amit Sharma (guitar, noises) adding a little something extra. The result is the noticeable growth of an embryonic, raw sound laid down in 2015 through the release of single Clicks In and free download track Be Automatic, into something more delicate, subtle and, ultimately, more complete.

There is no mistaking the organic qualities that distinctively permeate Caralis’ sound. These qualities offer an almost bedroom producer-like charm that emanates through the music however, this acts as a mere distraction to what is, in fact, an impressively sophisticated level of production, musicianship and collaborative songwriting. Title track Logic exhibits all of the best facets of what Caralis has to offer. Ethereal beauty pours from Dan’s falsetto vocals, enhanced further by the bands unerring ability to create melody and hooks, neatly finished off with an ominous outro, turning the song completely on its head.

Despite having released only two tracks thus far, Caralis have already gained support from the likes of Clash,Artrocker and Candid Magazine as well as receiving radio airplay on BBC Radio 6 and Absolute Radio. The band will be looking to gig more throughout 2016 on the back of their recent live debut and will be playing a launch show at The Half Moon on 19th May.

CaralisLogic EP is released on 20th May 2016 via Fairfield Records with the title track and single now available to purchase on iTunes as well as stream on Spotify.

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