Watch the new video for Benji Hughes’“Peacockin’ Party”

March 20, 2016



Watch the groovy
new video for Benji Hughes’
“Peacockin’ Party”


Who’s that cat with the hot giraffe?
I thought she ran around with a monkey
Yeah, until she found out he was horsin around
Now he’s kickin it with a donkey
Watch the vibrant new video for “Peacockin’ Party” from Benji Hughes’ new album Songs in the Key of Animals which premiered on PopMatters.

Director Scott Jacobson (Bob’s Burgers, The Daily Show) shared his concept: “I wanted to make a video that was as ridiculous, colorful, and animal-packed as the song. The ‘animal-packed’ part of that equation is difficult to pull off on a budget, so the video ended up being about the hunt for the only guest who really matters at a peacockin’ party.”  In response, Benji enigmatically wrote, “Everything has a power animal. This video’s power animal is the megalodon.”North Carolina’s Benji Hughes fronted a rock band in the nineties. He’s written commercial jingles (“Got a Little Captain in You?” for Captain Morgan rum); he’s made music for film and television (Walk Hard, Eastbound & Down) and he’s released 2008’s A Love Extreme, his excellent double-LP debut record.  But these ventures aren’t different hats Hughes wears. They’re not different paths travelled. This is Hughes playing in different keys.  Songs in the Key of Animals is available now on dbl-CD and LP on Merge Records.

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