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Speaking In Italics- Painted Sky EP Review | Gavin Brown

March 16, 2016


Speaking In Italics
Painted Sky EP

Hailing from Leicester, Speaking In Italics play a spirited brand of alternative rock with crucial post rock atmospherics and a youthful passion and energy, the bands new EP Painted Sky is five glimpses into the minds of an up and coming UK band and each track is packed full of vigour and a hard to fake energy.

The EP starts with More Than Fiction, a track that explodes from the get go with a sound that sounds like an enthusiastic jam session between and These Arms Are Snakes and Far. The likes of These Arms Are Snakes as well as Russian Circles and the bands tour mates in Maybeshewill all seem like influences on Speaking In Italics as all of the bands mentioned have that mixture of energetic and atmospheric post rock vivacity.  Second track Vultures keeps that vivacity up with the same enthusiasm, the EPs title track slows the pace down a little but the dynamism is amped up tremendously and this track is a standout here, the mixture of a triumphant feel and the atmospherics throughout is a match made in heaven with the track building and building on top of constantly soaring and majestic vocals. Leave The Lights On sees another change of pace and starts off decidedly more laid back compared to the other material on the EP before springing into life with a burst of catchiness and a more positive feel than anything else that has come before it. The EP finishes with Sidelined, a Radiohead-esque shimmering track packed to the brim full of contrasting positivity and mournful vibes and is a great way to finish the EP off.

With Painted Sky, Speaking In Italics have proved themselves to be as talented as they are eclectic and am looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.


Painted Skies Released March 11th 2016

Words: Gavin Brown



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