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Shrinking Violets Set To Release New Single ‘Dust On The Shelf’ March 11th

March 9, 2016


Shrinking Violets Set To Release New Single ‘Dust On The Shelf’ March 11th

Redditch based collective, Shrinking Violets return with an explosive anthology of hard-hitting blues, rock and their own version of psycho pop in their forthcoming new single ‘Dust On The Shelf‘.

On Friday March 11th, with this remarkable release due, this band are pushing boundaries and are about to relish in the endless opportunities which will no doubt come their way.

Shrinking Violets command your attention. Consisting of Jodie Ollis on Vocals, Gregory Clarke on Guitar and Vocals, Ben Gibbs on Keyboards, Alastair Flemming on Bass Guitar and Kyle Halford on Drums, these 5 musicians are ones we urge you to support.


Coming in at around 3 minutes and 43 seconds, their new single ‘Dust On The Shelf’ is the ultimate showcase of the bands abilities, the perfect single. The track is one of the strongest, confident single releases we’ve come across and this composition will undoubtably stand the test of time.  The songwriters have combined classical pop songwriting fused with a punk energy, blues attributes and soulful melodies to great effect. The prominent riff and filthy tone throughout puts Arctic Monkeys latest endeavours to shame. With the forceful front woman, Jodie captivating the listener from the get go with her impressive and extensive vocal range, the melodic seduction that ‘Dust On The Shelf’  coveys, is one that is simultaneously expansive yet intimate.

The 5 piece are a fun and engaging band basking in their abilities to explore experimental territories and create a long lasting, powerful and unique record- and this single is a teaser for just that. Shrinking Violets pull off epic musical happenings, and this is one of the many reasons why this act stands apart from other bands.

Keep an eye out across the band’s social media this Friday, to hear this momentous release in full.




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