Mothertapes premiere video from acclaimed album

March 21, 2016


Mothertapes premiere video from acclaimed album

Portland duo, ex-Wax Fingers play lush & smart experimental pop
“The pair utilizes driving synth atmospherics in tandem with heavy shades of guitar/bass overlap, swathing a chill-wave cool atop already complex melodic interweaving. The prospect of a band this daring is a breath of fresh air.— Paste Magazine
“You can hear just how well the pair balances the experimental and the accessible on the terrific new single ‘Do Make Say.’ For all the risks the song takes, from its washes of chillwave synths and huge, almost dubstep bassline, everything serves the melody which is sumptuous and gently catchy.” — PopMatters
Portland, OR band Mothertapes premiere the first video from their recent self-titled debut album today. The clip for “Gravity Wins” is shared by Eleven PDX and available to watch below-

Hear and share the entire Mothertapes album via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
At the heart of Mothertapes’ music lies vivid melodic themes, heavy beats, and lush layers of programmed and live-looped instrumentation wrapped around intense guitar hooks and vocals. A live Mothertapes performance is an impressive show of workmanship in which Pete Bosack and Tommy Franzen build each song from the ground up, creating the sonic footprint of a much larger band. Rather than ceding control to the bloodless clockwork of sequenced loops, the band breathes life into the technology, eliciting an elastic, dynamic quality that has drawn the admiration of critics and earned the band a loyal following.
The creative collaboration of Pete Bosack and Tommy Franzen is entering its second decade. From the beginning, they recognized in each other an experimental spirit and strong sense of purpose rooted in a commitment to precision and musicianship. Their early garage jams led to the formation of their first band, Wax Fingers, and a debut album soon followed.
Astute listeners will notice the influence of artists as varied as Animal Collective, Radiohead,Matmos, St. Vincent, Battles, and Maps and Atlases. But such comparisons serve only as reference points for this thoroughly original duo. After ten years of collaboration, Bosack and Franzen regard Mothertapes as the culmination of their work together, a breakthrough project resulting in forward-looking music that is both artistically ambitious and highly accessible.
Mothertapes’ self-titled album is available on LP and download via the Self Group creative collective.
03/22  Portland, OR @ Holocene
04/23  Portland, OR @ Secret Society Ballroom

Artist: Mothertapes
Album: Mothertapes
Label: Self Group
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015

01. Do Make Say (STREAM)
02. Aftermath (STREAM)
03. Debts/Bets
04. Carrot Stick
05. Not At All So Much Like
06. Gravity Wins
07. Beta Bank
08. War Song
09. 12 Step

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