Mamiffer premiere the video for ‘Parthenogenesis’ from incoming LP The World Unseen; US tour dates start next week

March 19, 2016
Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner


  As they prepare for the release of their new record The World Unseen,Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner [ISIS, Sumac, Old Man Gloom]) have premiered the music video for album closer ‘Parthenogenesis’. This is the third track from their dynamic and compelling album to surface before its April 1st release on SIGE Records – listen to the previously shared two in the tracklisting below.
  For Mamiffer, music is a divine language, a code to be deciphered, a map riddled with clues. The World Unseen is a conceptual and liminal document of numinous connection through an experience with loss. It is an exploration of subconscious and psychic bonds between the past and present, and the ways in which the musical devices of repetition and incantation create hands across the chasm that divide the human from the divine.
  Through the use of piano, voice, guitar, Wurlitzer organ, bass synthesizer, tape machines, and effects pedals, Coloccia and Turner have created an eight-song aural lexicon that vacillates between Arvo Pärt’s delicate minimalist beauty, Thomas Köner’s narcotic pulses of noise, and Richard Pinhas’ sublime textural patterns. Further expanding upon their explorations, Mamiffer enlisted Eyvind Kang for string arrangements. Geneviève Beaulieu (Menace Ruine) and Joe Preston (Thrones) make guest appearances on ‘Domestication of the Ewe pt. III’, contributing additional choral vocals and bass, and adding greater dimension to their auditory crossings. Despite this impressive arsenal of musicians and instruments, Mamiffer ultimately depends as much on empty space as they do upon the various oscillating frequencies within their sound. “The record is imperfect,” says Coloccia. “It has within its heart an incompleteness, a stillness containing the presence of absence and loss.

The World Unseen sees the light of day April 1, 2016 on CD, 2xLP, and digital formats via SIGE Records in the U.S. (pre-order it here) and as a CD with a bonus disc on Daymare Records in Japan.

The World Unseen Track Listing:
1. By the Light of My Body
3. 13 Burning Stars
4. Mara
5. Domestication of the Ewe – part I
6. Domestication of the Ewe – part II
7. Domestication of the Ewe – part III
March 22 Portland, OR @ High Water Mark
March 24  Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Festival
March 25  Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
March 26  Denver, CO @ Lost Lake
March 28  Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers
March 29  Columbia, MO @ Club Berlin
March 30  St. Louis, MO @ Foam
March 31  Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival
April 1  Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club
April 2  Chicago, IL @ Co-Prosperity Sphere
April 3  Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
April 4  Minneapolis, MN @ Icehouse
April 5-9  Iowa City, IA @ Mission Creek Festival
“The uniqueness of Coloccia’s visions is conveyed primarily through her words… Coloccia’s work is wider than any single focus could represent. And it achieves its beauty by burrowing through places where darkness and light are both indispensable.”THE WIRE
“Together they create their hauntingly intriguing sound, which blends the lights and darks of instrumentals paired with melancholic vocals.” -MXDWN

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