He Was Eaten By Owls- Chorus 30 From Blues For The Hitchiking Dead’ Album Release Details

March 20, 2016
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He Was Eaten By Owls have been spreading their politically motivated blend of post-punk, chamber music and jazz to startled audiences for the last 3+ years, all the while alluding to a ‘chamber-math opus of epic proportions’ in the works.
That masterpiece has finally arrived, in the form of ‘Chorus 30 From Blues For The Hitchiking Dead‘, a non-stop onslaught of dextrous acoustic guitar, dancing string/wind arrangements and sudden dynamic & rhythmic changes over pulsing, groove laden drums.  Part funded by the Arts Council UK – who waived their usual suspicion of recording projects to support this game-changing piece of work –  Fu Inle Records state “they can honestly say we have never had anything with the sheer scope and vision of this project on our hands before”.
Recorded over the course of a year at House of Strange Studios, Fu Inle Studios and Unit 8c with some of the UK underground scene’s top engineers – and featuring members of the London Symphony Orchestra, The Ginsberg Jukebox, Colin Samurai and Sol Flare – the album dances nimbly and thoughtfully around subjects such as intersectional feminism, class issues and other radical praxis.
Featuring artwork overseen by French/Swiss installation artist Henrik Potter and a small essay by feminist scholar Georgia Lassoff there’s not a single part of this record that isn’t a true offering – a true labour of love – and a particularly unique one in this modern time of quick fix, download-and-go consumerism.
With their roots in the anarchist UK squat scene, HWEBO defy genre specification almost completely as they stretch their angular, off-kilter noise into new, totally untouched territories; a new line of instrumental post-whatever music firmly footed in polyrhythmic counterpoint chamber composition, newly updated for the modern era with the addition of drums and amplified guitar.
No stone is left unturned – be it rich, heavy noise and glitchy electronica exploring queer issues and gender politics; a heartbreakingly emotive soundtrack-style tone-poem in solidarity with refugees; a choral filled ballad for murdered Brazilians; loose experimental jazz to depict the civil rights movement and artists of colour; poly-temporal, ambient chance-music illustrating issues of class and social inequality; an expansive string drone relating to the mistreatment of the unwell or fast, technical acoustic mathematics representing the web-like reaches of intersectional theory in modern society.
In accordance with the Arts Council’s wishes, the print runs will be limited to 500 of each CD and Vinyl, and the album will be free to download online forever.

The album will officially release on March 25th.
01.04: Birmingham (House Show)
02.04: Basingstoke (The Sanctuary)
03.04: Bristol (The Crofters Rights)
05.04: Leicester (TBC)
06.04: Leeds (TBC)
07.04: Edinburgh (Opium)
10.04: London Album Launch (The Servant Jazz Quarters)
11.04: Brighton (Green Door Store)
Pre order limited edition cd/vinyl or download for free…hiking-dead

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