Boston Building release new EP “Friend” this Friday

March 8, 2016



 ANNOUNCES ‘When You Need Somebody’ (feat. Lux Lisbon)

RELEASE DATE: 11th March

LABEL: Shack Records

“Fascinating and infectious…powerful score-worthy vocals as well as razor-sharp production.” The 405

Exciting songwriter and producer James Barr aka Boston Building shares single ‘When You Need Somebody” to be lifted from his upcoming EP. James Barr’s work has already been acknowledged by the likes of BBC Radio 6 (Tom Robinson, Chris Hawkins, Gary Crowley, Bethan Elfyn), BBC Radio 1 (Ally McRae), BBC Radio 2 (Janice Long), Radio X (John Kennedy), MTV, FOX Television, Channel 5, SB.TV, BBC Three as the producer behind multiple established projects. Boston Building’s upcoming EP will include the first few collaborations under the Boston Building name to be released on the 11th March on his own label Shack Records.

James Barr got his breakthrough in the music industry as an assistant within a studio, working with artists such as Example, Kelly Rowland and Taio Cruz. Growing up in Glasgow and now residing in Deptford, South East London, Boston Building takes spirit from both sides of the border. Finding inspiration from producers including Mark Ronson, Pharrell Williams, Paul Epworth and Xenomania, Barr has amassed the company of some of the most intriguing, stimulating and provocative new artists to collaborate with in 2016 including the likes of Lux Lisbon vocalist Stuart Rook, Rob Gilbert (Captain Backfire) and BRIT school graduate Craig Webb.

“I am working with some of the most exciting new vocalists in London who have brought their talent and energy to the project.  The styles of the tracks vary – but essentially all come under the banner of pop. I am very influenced by what Brian Higgins did with Xenomania in the early 2000s (and what others have done many times before, e.g. Motown, Brill Building, etc) – i.e. working with lots of artists and combining diverse sounds and influences but always in a highly accessible and infectious format.” says Barr.

“When You Need Somebody” is a contagious and ambitious new-wave-pop motivated rework of London band Lux Lisbon cinematic classic featuring Charlotte Austen (Lux Lisbon) on vocals as well as involvement from Lux Lisbon frontman Stuart Rook.  With a focus on razor-sharp, infectious hooks and paramount vocal performances, Boston Building is shaping up to be a new force within the new wave of pop.

Stay tuned for imminent updates as James Barr’s new project Boston Building comes to life.


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