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Syslak- S/T EP Review | Gavin Brown

February 22, 2016


Syslak- S/T EP Review

Punk has never died and will never die, it just changes form from time to time but there is always a backbone and blueprint that defines it, a lineage that goes back and back and when it comes to seminal bands like Buzzcocks and Stiff Little Fingers, there will always be bands who look back to and are influenced by bands of this stature.

Syslak (presumably named after the legendary barkeep from The Simpsons) are one of those bands and there is a big SLF/Buzzcocks do it yourself feel to the bands music as well as a big US pop punk influence from bands like The Descendents and The Replacements to more obscure bands like Fang Island albeit in a more lo-fi way and when listening to this self titled EP, there was also a hint of other British bands such as The Jam, The Selecter, The Clash and even an an upbeat Siouxsie & The Banshees vibe on certain tracks such as News and opening track Anything!

Short and punchy songs are the order of the day for Syslak, and this EP is packed full of them and from the opening buzz of the aforementioned Anything, the band blast through a further seven songs with reckless abandon. Tracks such as Seeams, Statements, Skin and EP closer Guilt are all short and sweet tracks full to the brim with enthusiasm and the whole thing from start to finish just flies by in a speedy and hazy flurry. All but one of the songs are less than three minutes long in true punk style (and even then, The Jam like Extra, a track that beams with youthful hopefulness is only just over three minutes) and the short nature of the tracks just adds to its immediacy.

Syslak have a knack for catchy and melodically inclined tracks that fizz with punky energy and this EP is a great start and surely a stepping stones to even bigger things.

Syslak‘s debut EP out now on CHUD Records.


Words: Gavin Brown

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