Operator Share “Delia” via The Fader + Matérielmusik Out Now, Release Show on Friday

February 23, 2016
photo courtesy of EyeBodega

photo courtesy of EyeBodega


Operator Share “Delia” with The FADER

Matérielmusik Out Now On New Professor Music

Album Release Show on Friday, February 26th at Palisades

Operator released their latest EP, Matérielmusik on February 19th via New Professor Music and the band are getting ready to celebrate the record this Friday at Palisades in Brooklyn. Full details below. Matérielmusik is the follow up to Puzzlephonics I, the band’s well received debut, which finds Operator continuing to explore synth heavy krautrock innovation, pulling in new textures and sounds that further develop their experimental and hypnotic music.

The FADER recently premiered the EP’s second single “Delia,” calling it, “different at every turn, and [Dara] Hirsch’s exquisite and delicate voice … both mirrors and offsets the synths and reverbs.”

Speaking about the track, Operator’s Jared Hiller added, “‘Delia’ is a reference to electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire. The lyrics aren’t particularly referential, but they are meant to invoke the sense of overcoming fear, of tackling a dreaded obstruction. I wrote most of the parts of this song and Dara helped piece it together and then we all kind of collaborated on the ending. I actually sing this one when we play it live, but Dara sings on the recording, which I think adds an ethereal tenderness to the track that I couldn’t really convey on my own.”

In the short time since their formation, Operator have played a constant whirlwind of shows including dates with WALL, Wand, Greg Fox, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Big Ups, Freind, Ava Luna, Japanese Breakfast, and Painted Zeros among others and have become known as one of Brooklyn’s most exciting new bands. They will celebrate the new single during a special release show on Friday, February 26th at Palisades in Brooklyn with Wume, Macula Dog, and Drama Section.


Operator’s forthcoming single ‘Matérielmusik‘ is the optimal followup to their first EP ‘Puzzlephonics I‘. In this release, they push their boundaries outward to experiment with a newer, darker soundscape. Their performance is marked by warbling analogue synthesizers, driving motorik beats and waves of feedback noise – a trifecta of krautrock, art pop, and electronic minimalism. The band is comprised of Dara Hirsch (Gravesend Recordings), Jared Hiller (L0/rez) and Adrian Price-Whelan (Astrophysics extraordinaire). ‘Matérielmusik‘ is to be released February 19th on New Professor Music.

Matérielmusik track list:

1. Bebop Radiohaus
2. Matérielmusik
3. Delia

Find Operator Online:

New Professor Music

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