Night Idea Announce New Album “Breathing Cold” Due Out March 25th on JuJu Records

February 25, 2016
Joey Wharton

Joey Wharton


Night Idea Announce New Album “Breathing Cold”

Due Out March 25th on JuJu Records

Share First Single “Easy To Lie” via Stereogum

Richmond, VA indie prog quartet Night Idea announced their new album Breathing Coldwill be released on March 25th via JuJu Records. The album’s first single “Easy To Lie” premiered on Stereogum who called the band’s sound, “a bright brand of progressive rock that leans toward pop,” an apt description of their stellar new record and the sound they’ve created.

“Easy To Lie” is the perfect introduction to Night Idea’s smooth yet rattled madness, the single finds the band at their most “pop” while still full of lush arrangements and complex melodic shifts. The “oddball in the bunch,” “Easy To Lie” is the only track on the record with a guitar solo, but the band dive headfirst into it, calming things back into tranquility with the added string section as the song ends. The band’s influences range from Grizzly Bear to King Crimson and everything that falls between, and it’s pretty apparent upon first listen that the band focus a great deal of attention to detail.

Speaking about “Easy To Lie,” Stereogum said, “It begins with an elongated intro of sparse, but knocking drums, and a-rhythmic chords on the keys before winding vocals come in with a churning melody. The song moves along with infectious rhythms with a catchy hook complete with an inviting harmony hanging on the end,” before adding, “I’ll probably be singing that hook for the rest of the day.”


3/25: Richmond, VA @ The Broadberry
4/05: Greensboro, NC @ Revolution Cycles
4/06: Savannah, GA @ The Erasery
4/07: Raleigh, NC @ The Pour House
4/08: Wilmington, NC @ Reggies
4/09: Atlanta, GA @ 529
4/20: Brooklyn, NY @ Sunny Vale
4/21: Beacon, NY @ Quinns Beacon
4/22: Providence, RI @ Aurora Providnce
4/23: Mystic, CT @ The German Mystic Club
4/28: Harrisonburg, VA @ The Golden Pony
4/30: Dublin, VA @ Progress Festival


Night Idea is an indie/progressive rock band based in Richmond, VA. The band’s multilayered sound is characterized by focused songwriting, fleshed out with complex melodies and syncopated rhythms. The band formed in 2011 and have released a full length album Ocho the Cat (2011) and a follow-up EP, Paths (2013). Their second full length album Breathing Cold will be released March 25th on JuJu Records.

Built around loose themes, Breathing Cold slowly descends into madness as it unfolds. The album starts very happy-go-lucky and bright, and then in the second half it takes a dark turn. By the end of the record, the band have traversed through some really dark passages, and it the listener is left somewhere completely different from the beginning. It’s a journey intended to be heard in full, a transformative experience for the listener and band alike. Lyrically, Carter Burton (guitar/vocals) has inspiration from all over the place. There isn’t a concrete theme to the lyrics, each song is a separate story. Some songs are about day to day experiences, some of it is existential.

This album marks a turn for the band as they wrote with more of a group effort in terms of composition and structure. Taking their time, Night Idea fleshed these songs out over the span of two years with ideas coming from all sides of the band. The band, known for their impressive live shows, decided to create a recording closer to the experience of seeing them perform, opting for a bigger sound that retains the group’s rawness. Breathing Coldwas recorded in a big beautiful art gallery in Richmond called Gallery 5. The massive room helped to capture the expansive sounds they were after.

Breathing Cold
JuJu Records

March 25, 2016

1. At The Wheel
2. Silver Understanding
3. Wild
4. Easy To Lie
5. Call
6. Response
7. Overgrown
8. Breathing Cold

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JuJu Records

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