MONO join Neurosis for Amplifest 2016

February 7, 2016

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Japanese post-rock giants will give their latest double opus “The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness” run for Amplifest 2016. Neurosis and Steve Von Till already announced.

This years Amplifest can boast one of the best line ups!

Having already aligned the most prominent system in extreme music’s universe, Neurosis, and their frontman Steven Von Till for a solo set as part of the Extended Experience. Amplifest are now extremely proud to announce that the incredible MONO will join them both during the 19th-22nd of August. The Japanese instrumental and vanguardist outfit will perform as part of the Weekend Experience, scheduled to the 20th and 21st.

Blurring the lines between post-rock and neoclassical music, Japanese quartet MONO seek, in their own words, to ‘communicate the incommunicable’. Seamlessly shifting through chiming melodies, grandiose orchestrations, thundering percussion and menacing walls of volume, MONO’s music captures and reflects every nuance of our emotions – from sadness to joy, from peace to anger – with each composition working as a deep introspective journey for the listener. Their guitars will scream and yearn for one of the most special moments of Amplifest and most definitely one of the highlights of their two-decade running careers.

Tickets for the Amplifest Extended Experience, granting access to all related activities from August 19th to 22nd are on sale via AMPLISTORE for 89€ and limited to 200.Amplifest Weekend Experience tickets are on sale for 75€.

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