Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club Stream Destroy In Full via WXPN’s The Key

February 28, 2016
Chris Varella

Chris Varella


Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club Stream
Destroy In Full via WXPN’s The Key


Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club are now streaming their debut recordDestroy in full via WXPN’s The KeyDestroy is set to be released on March 4th. Pre-orders for the record are available now digitally and on vinyl. Destroy plays with the line between intimate singer-songwriter arrangements and powerful punk-inspired folk. The album will appeal to those who enjoy both the light and dark sides of folk music. A quote from Jeff on the record can be found below.
Stream Destroy In Full via WXPN’s The Key.
About a year ago I called my friend Jeff Leonard from South Carolina and talked with him about recording some songs. We talked about doing it in a studio down there over the course of couple of days, but eventually came to the conclusion that Jeff ship some mics and gear up to Philadelphia and record it in my house. We recorded it in a week in a room with a little space heater that we would turn off while we were recording. In between takes we would turn it back on and have little ten minute “heat breaks” to let the room warm back up again.Riley Byrne came over one day with his upright bass and changed the whole dynamic of the record. This is something I had always wanted to incorporate into these songs but never considered a possibility until I heard Riley come play on them. He tracked all the bass in a day and said, “I can come back tomorrow and lay down cello.” He did, and I was blown away by what he did on the record. We decided to start playing shows together, and have been since.

A sort of serendipitous thing happened with the mastering of the record as well. Jeff Leonard passed the songs on to a guy named Michael White who has worked on everything from Whitney Houston to The Talking Heads. He heard the record and agreed to master it. I still can’t believe it happened. Upon hearing the finished record, I decided to save up the money and press the LPs myself. It’s been a lot of work but I’m excited to finally share it.” – Jeff Riddle

Jeff Riddle has spent years inside the vibrant Philadelphia music scene, growing up with underground punk rock and soaking in the variety of music around him. With Destroy, Riddle is joined by a floating cast of characters referred to as The Bella Vista Social Club to deliver an album full of delicate and sparse songs that explore the more intimate side of the music scene.

Destroy tracklist:

1. Microbial Life Inside A Vaccum
2. Sleeping Consequences
3. Worthless Original
4. Trash Age
5. Black Cloud
6. Nervous Sister
7. Everything Beautiful Is Gone
8. Promises Of Gold
9. Three Sheets To The Wind
10. Destroy

Destroy is the culmination of Jeff Riddle’s eclectic musical endeavors that have spanned the last decade. From his early start in underground punk, to his transition into the vibrant Philadelphia music scene, Destroy has found Riddle focusing his efforts on a more refined, precise and delicate approach to songwriting. During the recording process, which was brought to life by producer/engineer Jeff Leonard inside Riddle’s home, the two relied on various collaborators (known as The Bella Vista Social Club, a nod to the songwriter’s South Philadelphia neighborhood) to bring tangibility to Riddle’s specific vision ranging from sparse and minimal quietness, to lush and elaborate instrumentation. However, behind it all, the core of this project is the songs. Riddle has the rare ability to maintain an intimate connection with the listener, while tackling shockingly personal subject matter; Jeff’s lyrics ride the spectrum of clever and shrouded to stark and straightforward.

Destroy is successful because of the care, effort and time spent on each song, without feeling over-produced or insisting. Destroy is slated for release on March 4, 2016, whereafter Jeff Riddle and the Bella Vista Social Club will bring their live show on tour, which can range from an act as simple as Riddle and a guitar, to a five piece band.

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