Garage Rock Duo Love Buzzard share ‘Make You Mine’

February 16, 2016




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Out now via 1-2-3-4 Records


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“A pair of tune-wielding upstarts who want nothing more than to bore into the chest of garage rock and pull out its heart for all to see as it beats its last.” – Crack

“Scuzzed-up, overdriven garage rock that had us bounding around the office like freshly-shorn ewes.” – Classic Rock

After playing over 150 gigs around the UK in the past 3 years and supporting the likes of Cerebral Ballzy, Slaves, andGod Damn, garage rockers Love Buzzard have finally unleashed their debut album. Available on special edition vinyl, via Sean McClusky’s legendary punk label 1-2-3-4 Records, home of The Buzzcocks, Arrows Of Love and Bad For Lazarus amongst others.

Love Buzzard have taken their fuzz laden, catchy-as-hell guitar lines, screeching vocals and soul splitting drums to the next level with ‘Antifistamines’, merging disco beats with garage-surf riffs and the pop sensibilities that come so easily to frontman Kevin Lennon.

After founding Fluffer Records, drummer Al Brown has been responsible some of the liveliest, loudest and most ambitious events and releases East London has seen, and that do or die DIY ethic was what first caught the attention of Sean McClusky at 1-2-3-4 Records. Thankfully for us, these two forces have now collided to give us one of the rawest and most exciting debuts to emerge out of the DIY underground in years. A run away steam train of a debut.

The LP is available on limited edition 12” vinyl illustrated by Dalston illustrator Russell Taysom. The release also features bonus material not included in the CD version.

You can order the album here:



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