Eric Bachmann shares “Carolina” from forthcoming solo album

February 21, 2016

October 30, 2015. Durham, NC. Eric Bachmann for MERGE Records.

Eric Bachmann shares “Carolina”
from forthcoming solo album 

Archers of Loaf frontman, Eric Bachmann’s self-titled album is out March 25 on Merge Records and he has just shared the penultimate track on the record, “Carolina.” Bachmann details the song’s origins:

Liz Durrett started to write this seed of a song, and to save the idea, we recorded it into my phone. A year or so later, I was rummaging through my voice memos and came across it; we had forgotten about it. She was out of town for a few days, so I decided to record a harmony-heavy rendition in the style of Eno’s Here Come the Warm Jets—but to fill it out with vocal harmonies instead of e-bows. We had talked about the song’s main problem being that it was not finished, structurally and lyrically, so I was trying to fill in the “unfinished” nature of it with cool production. I had no intention of pulling an album-worthy track out of it, and I’m sure picky Liz had no intention of allowing me to use the song on my new record. But when it was finished, we both quite liked it…how open it was and suggestive instead of concrete. I think of it as kind of the sister song on the record to “Mercy.”

Listen to”Carolina” streaming below-

Upon the news of the album release and lead single, “Mercy” last month, NPR Music wrote: “Bachmann’s voice has always felt lived-in, but his life of rambling and rumination has led him to some profound, if plainspoken, epiphanies to match.

Where Archers had attitude and guitar-driven intensity, Eric Bachmann has vulnerability, led by piano, rich vocal harmonies, and Bachmann’s hard-won liberty to lay himself bare. “There is less of an externalized character to be responsible to,” says Bachmann, referring to the sardonic smart-ass who narrated the Archers’ music, or the gossiping storyteller at the helm of Crooked Fingers. “When I think about why I am compelled to put my own name on a thing as a proper title now, all of these various perspectives feel unnecessary.”Even in their exhilarating beauty, the nine original tracks on Eric Bachmann are direct challenges—to social injustice, to precarious love, and frequently to Southern hypocrisy.

Recorded in Asheville, NC, and mixed in Taiwan by Athens, GA, expat engineer Andy Baker, Eric Bachmann features musicians including Jeremy Wheatley, Matthew Nelson, Jon Rauhouse, Tracey Wolf, Samara Waller, Wade Rittenberry, and Liz Durrett, who wrote the track “Carolina.” “My wandering lifestyle has presented only one nugget of clarity in my life: that places do not offer a sense of home for me. People do,” says Bachmann of the ideas that guide him in this new era of his career.

The self-titled album will be released on Merge on 25th March 2016.



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